Tonner Toys LittleMissMatched on TV

  This email reminder arrived a few minutes ago from Tonner:
Hello, Friends!

We just wanted to drop you all a line to to remind you about the LittleMissMatched one hour special on QVC tomorrow:  ThursdaySeptember 8, 2011, from 1pm to 2pm EDT, and we hope you'll be tuning in!  Update your calendars accordingly!  

We cannot wait for you to see the Gift Set we've masterfully put together, and you won't be able to get it anywhere else, so this is one hour you won't want to miss!  

We know you're super excited about the brand new LittleMissMatched QVC Special tomorrow, and we are, too!  After all, this will be the debut of Tonner Toys and our LittleMissMatched Dolls, so there is much to be excited about! 

Thank you for your support,

Team Tonner Toys

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  1. Oh, I really want the AA girl. I have got to get information on these girls.