The Minimalist, Dasha and Grand Gesture Dominique

Integrity Toys hit it out of the park with these two dolls! The design, construction and execution of both dolls is superb. And I am happy to say that.
The fabric choices are perfect. The Minimalist's coat is like a fine lightweight wool. The pants and coat have real pockets. The blouse is not a stiff cotton but rather a semi-sheer weave. She's wearing a lacy bra under her blouse which was a surprise! The shoes are fantastic. Pictures below tell the whole story.

Dominique looks better without her headwrap. Her shoes are to die for with a wonderful elastic across the top which eliminates the need for ties and buckles. I hope we see more of this design.

The color in the shoe image may be slightly altered. Her tiny minaudiere is a weighty solid charmlike thing. All in all - a very worthy package with lovely accessories. These two can be proud to have the Jason Wu name on them.


  1. Hi Terri,

    I got this Dasha also and was very happy to see how lovely she is. I was concerned because of some issues with previous dolls.

    Love the outfit and love the pretty white bra!

    This is my first FR2 body and although I have not removed her from her box, I have seen photos of these new FR2 bodies nude and they look beautifully sculpted.

    I may have to sell her, but I certainly don't want to. She looks beautiful.


  2. Hello. Thanks for the photos. Dasha's handbag is such a disappointment! It is not what I expected. It looks so homemade which isn't bad but still. I bought the doll just for the bag LOL I am crazy. I know. Well I like the rest of the outfit. So I am not too disappointed.

  3. She is the first Dasha I am VERY excited with. Marsha just got the doll, so she should be heading your way very soon =) What a surprise the braw!! A nice one, given the price tag of the doll... (FR2 are too expensive for my taste, or my wallet's one)
    I like her jacket, but somehow it seems it doesn't "lay" good on the doll... =(

    Dominique on the other hand is a huge "No No" to me... I liked Rare Apeal the better.

  4. @Jesse: I have to iron Dasha's coat. The ribbon tied tightly around it creased it and it makes her look pregnant.

  5. Dominique is gorgeous even though her outfit is not. I am disappointed that her shoe color is different from the prototype. The prototype is more tasteful.

  6. Dominique looks like a witch doctor - scary!