NiGel.ChiA Fall Winter 2011 Collection

Seemingly pulled from the pages of the most exclusive human-sized couture catalogs, NiGel.ChiA's work is presented with the style and flair of a professional fashion photographer. Modeled by EID dolls.  EID measure 70cm or 27.5".   E.I.D. Elder Iplehouse Doll

Here is the link to his post on Prego:  http://members5.boardhost.com/prego/msg/1315659688.html

For more detail of each look and inspiration behind this collection , feel free to visit NiGel.ChiA blog
All the dress are available at NiGel.ChiA BJD Boutique


  1. This where dolls become sculptural pieces of fine art and transcends superlatives.

  2. Utterly gorgeous female dolls(still have trouble with the look of the knees tho)
    The males just look too young to go with the females...they look like 12 or 13 year olds playing dress up.

    I love that brunette (pictured solo) the most.
    She is so beautiful and styled perfectly - I could be easily enabled, for sure!
    Thanks for the info / photos!


  3. Wow. Seriously. Wow.

  4. The photography is breathtaking...

  5. Showed my Hubby a cleavage pic of Iplehouse Carina, and his eyes bugged out! He gripes about me buying a $20 dollar Barbie, but today, he brought up Carina and said "Now THAT is worth it!"

  6. AWESOME COLLECTION.... Fashions, Photos, Dolls!!! Thanks for sharing these, Terri....