Introducing Fauxnessa

Like everyone else, I was shocked to learn that Vanessa's sculpt was to be retired. When this doll, the first of her replacements was introduced, I was in denial. I didn't believe they would really do it. I was secretly hoping that they'd acquiesce to collectors' cries of FOUL and back up. So I pre-ordered her.
They didn't.

Although IT is calling this doll Vanessa, I am not. She is not Vanessa.  Someone made up the moniker Fauxnessa and it works.

Fauxnessa's face is beautiful. She now looks like many of the other beautiful dolls in the FR line. Sadly for this one, the hair is ridiculously unattractive and unflattering. I am very tempted to keep her because I know she will be a beautiful doll with her hair restyled but when they replaced Vanessa's and Veronique's sculpts, they ended my collecting most of the Fashion Royalty line.

 Are those Poppy Parker lips?

 The simple dress needs to be slightly shorter. I have folded the hem up temporarily.

The navy strap around her ankle is separate from the rest of the shoe. Interesting construction and it works.


  1. LOL!
    May I ask who you ordered from that she arrived so quickly??

  2. Poppy at 40.

  3. Is it my computer or does your Fauxnessa have lighter hands than her arm color?

  4. Sad end to the Perrins. I can see a 40 something Poppy in her face. The hairstyle is quite something.

    Speaking of hands (Anonymous was) I have noticed that a lot of FR/IT dolls have hands that don't match the arms/bodies. Age doesn't seem to have anything to do with it. Although, older dolls, like my first round Pierre's hands, have aged lighter than they were.

    Great pictures, Terri. :D

  5. Is it possible for dolls to actually have a Botox look to their faces? She does.

  6. Terri your closeup photo is fabulous... I have pre-ordered too - despite I am one of the persons who call her Fauxnessa - and now I can't wait to have her with me =) I just heard from Marg saying she has arrived to MFD, Yay!

    Her hair is pretty boring though, as seems her dress too...

  7. Not impressed with her. She looks kind of comic character... I have a really dumb question Terri..I just started collecting the FR dolls not too long ago, and my question is ..how do you insert the earrings that come with the doll into the dolls ears ? The tiny hole on the dolls ears are small then the post of the earrings...are you just supposed to keep pushing the earring in until it goes ? I have been hesitant to do so because I do not want to mess up my dolls..any advice is much appreciated !

  8. The refreshed Vanessa is major improvement over her previous sculpt. Poppy has such nice lips that any sculpt is lucky to get them.

  9. @Carole: Use a regular bulletin board push pin to start and open the hole so you can insert the earrings. That always works for me. I've broken many an earring by forcing it into an un-primed hole.
    BTW No question is dumb except the one that is not asked.

  10. Beautiful photos of this new beauty Terri! Thank you so much for sharing them. I can't wait to receive mine now.