Book Review: Ball-Jointed Dolls For Beginners

Even though I have several ball-jointed dolls, many of the terms often seen in descriptions of these dolls remained a mystery to me. I managed to cobble together some information here and there but Alison's book puts it all together in one easy-to-read, 134 page, 8.5 X 11 paperback book.
The table of contents includes, but is in no way limited to, commonly used terms and abbreviations, pricing and quality, customization, how to plan a purchase, maintenance, restringing and information about online connections. The photographs are wonderful. There are scores of full-color images of drool-worthy dolls. Step-by-step illustrations for certain procedures are easy to understand. A sewing project with patterns and quick photography tips are included.
Even if you don't own any resin bjd dolls, you can benefit from knowing about them and how they're made. Some manufacturers are now incorporating ball joints in vinyl dolls. You never know when you will be faced with the decision to take the plunge for your first. Having a little information under your belt makes your decision easier. I recommend this book to all doll collectors. It is available from Amazon.com and directly from Alison at alington@mac.com.

Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners: Finding the Doll of Your Dreams
Written by Alison B. Rasmussen and Melissa Metheney, Ed. 
Copyrignt 2011 by Alison Boyd Rasmussen
Published by The Fashion Doll Review

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