Real Life Photo of Jason Wu's Fashion Night Out Doll #2

My friend Alejandro posted this lovely picture of his FNO doll with her hair down. What do you think?

I love the original open-mouth Vanessa and Avantguard sculpts but this doll's mouth borders a little on the Kesenia/Bucky Beaver side. I think it's the shape of the upper lip that creates the buck-toothed effect. The upper lip is too plump and rises up higher than a 'normal' lip. The two upper lip hills (I don't know what else to call them) are too close together creating the appearance that teeth are pushing it out and up.

I will not be keeping the head.


  1. Alejandro's photo is lovey.

    I am laughing at your description and the beaver pic...can't help it...lol...

  2. The FNO looks A LOT better with her hair down, but I think you're doing the right thing by selling the heads. She's ok, but there are so many other beautiful dolls out there. She'd be taking some other more deserving gal's space! LOL

  3. I was definitely underwhelmed to see this sculpt. A little prettier than Kesenia, but that is not saying much.
    I am waiting for another sculpt like Iconic Lana Turner, because that one really knocked my socks off! I have had this doll ever since she was issued, and I still marvel at her gorgeous face.

  4. @Anonymous: I love the Iconic Lana Turner and I, too, have kept that doll since the beginning.

  5. Not my taste at all.
    She borders on a botched plastic surgery.

    She does resemble a personified animal character from the cartoons. Like Bugs Bunny's girlfriend?


  6. I think she is a very pretty doll. Her eye make up is fab, and I can't wait to have her in hands :) I really like her with her hair down aswell, Alejandros pic is beautifull. The mouth is an improvement of the one from Kesenia, but it is still not as yummy has the one from the old Van.

  7. Nice pic Ms. Gold... although I have to agree with you about her tooth hole. Looks like a straw could fit in there. These girls are looking harder and harder. Cherish the Vanessas you have.. :D