Madame Alexander Trunk Set Bargains!

Who doesn't like a cute trunk set? All those little drawers and compartments filled with fashion items are enough to make any collector of 10" Cissette drool. Today I found two lovelies on sale at what I believe are excellent prices.

First from The Doll Market is Meg's Wedding Trunk Set 
At $139.97, this is a virtual steal. Of course there's shipping involved but I looked around and no one's price comes close to this one.

Next up is the Little Black Dress Cissette Trunk Set for  only $95!  The seller is called Greens Dolls and is an Amazon vendor. Looks good to me.
ger-dolls on eBay is also selling LBD for $95. plus $8. shipping. I've always had good transactions with this seller but she has disappointed some people as one can see in her feedback. Of course, you should always check a seller's feedback before plunging in.

Madame Alexander Cissette Christmas Trunk Set is $111.74 at eCrater.

It's ger-dolls again with the Cissette Lingerie Trunk Set. She is offering it for $75.  plus $10 shipping. That's a fantastic price!  I love this set because of the upholstered stool upon which Cissette can sit and face the trunk's big mirror to create a dressing room.

Madame Alexander Radio City Rockette Trunk Set is a Buy It Now item at $65. plus $10 shipping on eBay. Seller is betlasvegas.

The dangers of doing these type of blog posts is that I could talk myself into getting stuff. These little cuties are like potato chips. They are so much fun to play with and the quality of Madame Alexander products is excellent.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Great posting Ms. Gold.. I like that you "could talk yourself into getting stuff".. and now you are working your magic on me.

    It's really great to read about these items and their stellar prices! Keep up the good work.

  2. @James: Thanks for your comments. Those of us who have eclectic tastes are always in danger of the "magic."

  3. I love, love, love, LOVE trunks! ...and I have none =(