Ode to Vanessa by Rachel Ryan from Australia

This poem knocked my socks off. For those of you who are not familiar with the character Vanessa Perrin, her sculpt was discontinued to the dismay of most of her diehard fans. She was one of the most popular of all Fashion Royalty dolls and the news of her disappearance was sprung on collectors with no prior notice.

See if you can find the individual names of the Vanessas in the poem.

RIP, intoxicating Miss V - you were true royalty among dolls. I'm so glad you enjoyed such a fashionable life - and what a luxe life it was! When you were at your high tide, your every incarnation was a temptation .... we loved you on the runway right away, we loved you in bloom, we loved you in cruise control. It came as such a shock bonbon that they could even think of replacing such a wonderfully aerodynamic personality.

For me, from now, there can never be another collection with that special glow you gave; they will all be sans couleur. Your successor may be a pretty girl, but considering how we all fell as moths before your flame blue, she can only ever be a pale, pale fire of your dazzling colour therapy.

It hurts so much that you are going places where we won’t see you any more. Perhaps when -- well, maybe one lonely night warrior, when I am obsidian on my own, just maybe it will all metalmaven sense to me. But until it does, I will have to remain shirred not shaken ... and yours eternally ...

My darling Vanessa ... I miss you so.

You can see pictures of Rachel's dolls on flickr. 


  1. Absolutelly fab! And no doubt about the successor... She may indeed be a pretty girl, but she can only ever be a pale, pale fire of the original one.

  2. That was perfect.

    Thank you Rachel and thank you Terri for posting.

    Vanessa will always hold a special place in my collection. I will miss her.


  3. Thanks Ana and Anonymous! - And Terri, thanks much for posting it; I've had more people add me as a Flickr contact in the last few days than would normally happen in a month. Heh!

    You previously commented that the changes to Veronique and Vanessa had pretty much ended your collecting Fashion Royalty. I am of much the same mind; being a Poppy Parker collector I expect I'll keep adding her future incarnations, but I have no interest in the new Vero and Van, therefore for me the main FR line is all but dead. There are still a few I like, but without those two main characters, it feels like the party is over. At least my wallet will thank me!