Housekeeping the Blog

When I first began blogging I was using a Yahoo program. I noticed recently that almost every single photo has disappeared from those posts so I am replacing them from my archives. We're talking about 2 years of stuff so it will take a while.
Today I took a few quick photos of a some Barbies.
This is the Frank Sinatra Barbie and she is adorable. She's got the pivotal body and poses well. I had a good time with her. 

Then I was fooling around with some of the Basic Barbies I have up for sale dressed in outfits I am also selling.

Yes, kiddies, it's that time of the year again when the dolls that were pre-ordered come pouring in and events are pending. The credit cards get good workouts. Selling is a big part of my doll collecting.

What do you think of Dominique in glasses?

I can't decide if I should keep this Vanessa or not. She's a duplicate but not one of my favorites.

And there you have it. 


  1. Just wanted to mention how much I enjoy your blog and reviews. Sometimes your fabulous pictures have enabled, or kept me from purchasing a doll!
    Q: How well made is the Frank Sinatra suit, and do you thing it will fit any of the Integrity dolls?

    Thanks for an almost daily dose of your opinions and your information.
    Blog on!!

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for your comments. The suit is made as well as any Mattel item (whatever that means.) It has snaps - no velcro - which is a very good thing. I saw it on an Integrity doll on Shuga's blog yesterday. She said she was even able to get the shoes on! I recommend the purchase! Even if you never use the outfit on another doll, this one is very cute.

  3. Dominique looks a lot better with the glasses on. She kind of reminds me of Wonder Woman disguised at Diana Prince. My Dom might need to adopt a pair of glasses as well. Thanks for the inspiration! BTW, who made that pink dress that In Bloom Vanessa is wearing? It's beautiful!

  4. @edmondlives: The pink dress was made by a dolly dressmaker in Thailand. I can't remember which one it was and I don't know if she's still around. There's a bunch of them but this one's product was always superior.

  5. I'd say to keep Vanessa :) with the retirement of that gorgeous facemold, you can always have her rerooted/enhanced, and have a new beautifull breathtaking AND original Van