Making Beautiful Dolls Even More Beautiful!

James Mitchell who goes by the board name of James/FL does it.

A collector posted a picture of his Ultimate Tyler BJD repainted by James and I couldn't believe that she could be even more gorgeous than she was originally.

Today James posted a picture of a his new Deva Doll Aspara repaint.

Look at those eyes, those lips...Wow!

Here's another I loved from his flickr photostream (which you should really check out):

Unexpected - Trolls:

He's my kind of collector - one with a sense of humor. Go look. Enjoy.


  1. Those repaints look incredible. Today I almost bought a really cheap Barbie to try doing a re-root but I put her back (since I had 2 Barbie Basics shoe packs in my hand already). I just can't quite figure out the interlocking re-root method.

    I'd love to be able to do amazing customizations but my hands shake so badly it's nearly impossible (not to mention that I lack in superior artistic skill).

  2. Beautiful! I love the Trolls too. I used to love them as a kid.

  3. So amazing. I cant imagine how he does this, must have been done with an airbrush?

  4. Nothing short of spectacular!!!
    Love his work!! :)


  5. All pretty dolls and I LOVE the eyes!