Monaco Royale Fauxnessa

My W Club dolls arrived yesterday and looked exactly like their promotional photos. I never liked her face or hair but I wanted the outfit so I ordered her.

The gown is very well constructed and the fit is perfect. I did remove it to press the train. The shoes are fiddly and don't stay on well during the course of posing and handling. I tried to get the necklace on using jewelers pliers and I just ran out of patience so I took off her head to make it easier, though it was not necessary.

The 3 bracelets are ordinary and will need the hand removed to go on. Sadly, my doll's hands kept falling out. There is a way to fix that by putting a small piece of plumbers white tape on the threads of the hand prong. That is much better than gluing them on.

After working with this doll, I decided not to keep the outfit. The train just doesn't work for me. I would have loved a gown made totally from the beaded fabric. A long slim gown with a slit up the back or an inverted pleat using the charmeuse as an insert. I think the wrapped fabric's placement is awkward. It's lovely fabric and I'd like to see it used elsewhere.

Every Monaco Royale head I've seen has a different-looking hairstyle. The two dolls I got were different from each other. I sincerely hope they NEVER use this hairstyle ever again. Anyone with such a high hairline would absolutely wear some type of bang or have their hair covering part of the forehead.

When I redressed her a different doll emerged.


Black is definitely her color. She is wearing the blouse and pants from the Bergdorf Goodman Fashion Night Out doll. They fit wonderfully well. Actually, I like the fit of the blouse on her full-busted body better than on the FR2 doll's body. I love the double collar and keeping the top hook open allows the collar to be turned up to frame her face nicely. It's a great outfit without the puffy sweatshirt.


  1. Wow she transformed completely when you changed her outfit. I love her. I didn't care for the doll when I saw the stock photos but seeing her in the other outfit completely changes how I feel about her.

  2. Something really seems off about Fauxnessa's eyes to me. They almost appear to be looking in opposite directions. She's cockeyed in every pic I've seen, and it's very unflattering.

    I find the lips unflattering too.

  3. @Alejandro: I'm so surprised. Not.

  4. Nice job on the redressing. I agree with Alejandro above that something is off. At first I thought this doll was a stunner and then the more I closely examined the face it seemed that it lacked dimension to me. Someone on one of the boards took her hair down and that was an improvement.

  5. The dress would look better if constructed/ draped like Barbie's classic "Enchanted Evening". The pleats do seem awkward in front, going in two opposing directions leading to the train.

    The first pic looks like my very first Veronique and Adele (the robed doll basics), when I took them out of the box, LOL!!!

  6. @Steve: Your Vero and Adele had separate heads? LOL

  7. She looks wonderful redressed in the FNO's outfit. It's an improvement for sure but I still don't think that she is an attractive doll. She just looks like a bloated,ageing, depressed socialite. I'm not a huge Vanessa fan but IT should not have changed her highly profitable face only to put out other opened mouth dolls in need of braces.