Modern Doll Convention Souvenirs @ Tonner Direct

Party of the Year ANDY 2011 Modern Doll Exclusive LE 50
 I don't understand why this character was created to look 12 years old. I know the back story, but he looks like a cute adolescent boy.

Tonner Direct is selling him for $159.99 but you can get him for only $150. directly from the MDCC. Didn't anyone buy him at the convention? I don't know if the free shipping on new Tonner products applies to these dolls. It might be worth it to find out and then compare prices.

Party of the Year FRANKIE 2011 Modern  Doll Exclusive LE 125
She's $159.99 at Tonner Direct and $150. from MDCC. You can buy the set from MDCC for $275, a savings of $44.98 off Tonner Direct's price of $319.98 for both dolls.

I have to admit that I will be very wary of buying any centerpiece dolls at the upcoming Halloween Convention. Why? If I had waited to purchase the Ellowyne luncheon dolls, I could have saved money by ordering them when they were posted just 4 days after the event. Ugh.

Convention and event dolls are supposed to be special, a little harder to get and somewhat costlier if you haven't attended. If only they waited two or three weeks it would have preserved a little of the exclusivity of the dolls. I wound up selling one of my purchases for less than I paid! That never happened to me before with a convention doll.

Party All Night ANDY, a UFDC Exclusive, is available for $149.99. I love his outfit.

From the same UFDC event and for the same price, Party All Night JON, is offered. Her outfit looks like something designed for Ellowyne. I see Jon as more sophisticated.

UFDC = United Federation of Doll Clubs
MDCC=Modern Doll Collectors Convention


  1. I really like this Frankie...am not sure what face sculpt she is...perhaps, Cami? But she is realy pretty and like her face paint, hair, and outfit.

    Yes, I agree about the Party All Night dress and that it does not seem to suit Jon. It would be prettier on Ellowyne.

  2. Your right andy does look like a 12 year old, he is actually getting younger looking, considering this is their self proclaimed GAY character that's kind of a weird vibe for him to be looking so young.

    As for the second outfit on Andy (the green one) that is so horrible, it looks like 1970's leisure suite, I can almost feel the polyester. If he was going for major retro 70's style they did it, but God that is awful. Looks like something that Ellowynes bf would wear, Rufus.

  3. @Gerri: Frankie is the Deanna Denton sculpt. I think. LOL.

  4. @Anonymous: That's who he reminded me of, Rufus! I kept thinking it was Evangeline's boyfriend. Maybe they all look similar. I still like his crazy outfit. At least it's not boring and it does look a little more grown up than the other.

  5. Love Frankie!!!! What is the free shipping code?! I prefer buying the dolls at the event even when they are a little more expensive. But sometimes the site is very slow and dolls can get sold out. It happened to Big Bad last year so I needed to get him on ebay (no regrets to the price since he is awesome!) and then a friend got me Wilhelmina Wonka this year, another good bye because I also lost her on Tonner Direct LOL I think it is harder to obtain Tonner dolls than Wilde Imagination dolls.

  6. @Anonymous: Check the Tonner Direct site for any active code. It changes from time to time and, as I said, I don't know if free shipping applies to these dolls as they are not really new releases.