New Evangeline Ghastly: Dandy of Death

I don't understand the name but I've seen this doll in person and she's gorgeous. The ensemble is definitely collector-worthy and if I were still collecting EG, I'd get it.
The price for this vinyl doll raises by $15. the usual dressed vinyl EG price to $190.  Ouch.

 The description:
 It's our newest vinyl Evangeline with inset blue eyes,* applied lashes, and a changeable platinum wig. She's approximately 17" tall and completely ball jointed, with delicate hand painted features.  She comes dressed in a bodysuit, golden cravat and trim, lined brocade vest with golden buttons, pants, velvet jacket with ribbon ties, hat, pantyhose, and faux suede boots with laces and silver grommets.  The most fitting of looks for a day at the office, a picnic by the moors, or just writing in her diary.  LE 350 

The eyes on these vinyl dolls cannot be changed although there is one person I know of who can do it but it involves head surgery.
Stands should be included at these prices. It's not like she can stand on her own. Goodness knows she can barely sit properly. I've mentioned previously that the inability of EG's joints to move well into poses is the reason I will not buy them any longer. They look cool - like Barbies look in their boxes - but I play with my dolls and I need dolls that can pose and hold poses.

I predict that she will sell out as she is quite different from prior releases, she's wigged and the fashion is very cool. I hope she's not stained under all that black fabric!

BTW Shipping is free until October 8 for purchases totaling $75. or more. Use the code SMILE15. Wilde Imagination ships worldwide. Yay them!

This 90 Million Dollar skull was created by the notorious artist Damien Hirst. This one-of-a-kind piece of art is titled “For the Love of God” and is the most costly piece of contemporary art ever made. This piece is encrusted with over 8,601 diamonds and has a total of 1,106.18 carats. It weighs 63 pounds and is made from a real skull and teeth. Damien is not planning to sell this piece of art and created it with his own money. Now all he has to do is stick this skull on top of a cane and become the ultimate Puff Daddy. -Trifter


  1. The Mexican people often mock death, referring to it as "The Dandy". I am assuming this might be the origination of this doll's name.

  2. I have to say I'm not an Evangeline fan, but would buy this one!! The textures and contrasts of fabrics are masterfully done, and she is amazing with blue eyes and platinum hair. The hat and boots are worth the extra $15 alone.

    As for a stand, Terri- maybe you could buy the skull and stand her up against it? Just a thought. Take pics if you do. ;)

  3. @Steve: I would love to see that skull in person! I'd probably go blind from the sparkle. But really, diamonds and teeth from a skeleton. Not my cup of tea. T

  4. I think she's amazing. Also, btw, the 'Dandy of Death' name is referring to being dressed like a Dandy, (Noun: A man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance) at a funeral, (of Death). Hope that helps.

  5. @Liz: Yes, I know the definition of a dandy. What does it have to do with Evangeline's back story? Is the Dandy of Death a fictional character I never heard of? If not, where did you get it from?

  6. Oh, have no clue where they came up with it. It fits her general mode and things though. It's fashionable yet morose, lol. Sorry, it read like you didn't get why it would be applicable. :)

  7. The image of the “Dandy of Death” is often incorporated into Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) altars in Mexico. Calaveras were satirized images of contemporary figures depicted as skeletons.
    In Spanish, “Catrina" is the feminine form of the word "catrín," which means "dandy." With her flamboyant hat and dress, La Catrina humorously communicates the concept that death is the great equalizer of all. Despite the riches in this life, one cannot take them with us after death.

  8. @Anonymous: Thank you for posting the explanation. I tried Googling the expression and came up empty-handed.

  9. Dandy still has not sold out--it appears she may not have been that popular, I wonder why...I'm tempted to get her as I don't have a blonde in my Evangeline collection, but I keep hesitating---I'm just not sure about her face.