Sale Alert: Theatre Da La Mode, NOIR #9

Tonner Doll Co., Theatre Da La Mode, NOIR #99
If you hesitated to purchase this doll because of her high price, original retail $240.99, you can buy her now for $169.99.  I should have waited as I paid $210 for mine. I was so excited that Robert continued the TDLM series, I had to pre-order. Never again. Famous last words.

Angelic Dreamz is having a sale on in stock Tonner items. Click on the photo to go to AD.


  1. Beautiful doll. Have always loved this series.

  2. REALLY wished Tonner continued this series with the original Tyler sculpt. Having quite a few of the older TDLMs, she was beautifully painted in each entry. Favs are Swept Away and Boulevard De La Mode.

    The gown on Noir admittedly is stunning!! Did hear the hair was a problem on this doll.

  3. @Steve: They replaced my doll with one whose hair was not a problem. I'm happy about that but, as I said above, I should have waited and saved money.