Barbie Wears Jason Wu

The lace trimmed $1200 sweatshirt was just hanging around my studio when a naked Model No. 4 Basic Barbie came along and decided to try it on. It looks great on her. Don'tcha think?
She's wearing her own jeans & rubbery boots. Glasses are FR. The sweatshirt needs to be ironed to remove the impressions the packaging made across the waist area where it was tied into the box.

I'd been trying to sell my NRFB Life on the Runway Fashion Royalty set for about a year. There were no takers. The Frank Sinatra Barbie came along and now it's hers.

Yes, the shoes fit. She can wear her own black and white checked pants with this outfit. It's perfect!
No matter how many times IT changes the body sizes, there are dolls that can wear the fashions that have been produced for FR the past 10 years.

Obviously I've indulged a passing weakness for cheap, instant gratification type dolls.  With the Angelica Doll, the sculpt is cute but the fashion is low quality. The blouse may be useful in other outfits but the rest has to go. I had to wash some glue out of her hair and trim it. It wasn't easy to get it tamed. The same thing happened with the Sinatra Barbie.

I detest deboxing Barbie vinyls. It's dangerous. One runs the risk of wrist slitting and finger slicing. In this doll's case, I accidentally snipped a piece out of her pants while trying to get the body armor off.


  1. I love the first one ! You're so lucky to have all of these Barbies in store. We only have collection 001 here in Canada and let's not talk about the price of the shipping from USA for those useless Barbie box. If only I could find a shipping buddy who would debox and ship them to me, but I don't know where to search... Anyway, have a great weekend ! :)

  2. @JimmyBoy: It's too bad Mattel won't ship out of the USA.
    These doll dealers in Canada carry the dolls you are looking for:
    http://www.mfd.net/department/barbie-10014.cfm, http://www.41vogue.com/Barbie.htm

  3. I love Maddie's Dolls & More, she's so sweet ! :) But they don't have the Barbie Basics 002.5.

    Thanks for the list ! :)

  4. Mattel Barbie Collector will ship to Canada but you do have to pay for it. Plus when your dolls arrive the post office will hold it hostage for duty! But sometimes if you find something on sale it is worth it.