Review of Jason Wu's Fashion Night Out Doll #2

 My dolls finally arrived yesterday and were speed deboxed. You've probably all seen pictures and since I don't really have the time, I won't be photographing her anytime soon. The above picture is from combined IT promo images. The doll looks exactly like her promotional images.

I am looking forward to seeing this new FR2 sculpt painted differently as this one is not my taste although it's done very well. I've seen her with her hair taken out of the pony tail and she softens up nicely.

The white handbag is a little work of art with wonderful details and a little zipper inside. You can't see the shoulder strap in the photo below but it's there. The shoes are perfectly constructed in that the doll can stand on her own - balanced! And the shopping bag is a cute touch. She does not come with any jewelry.
The pants have working inset pockets, a teensy zipper fly and fit very well. They are an excellent weight fabric for this type of doll garment. The blouse is another little work of art. First of all it's fully lined. There are tiny darts, pleats and decorative sewn details down the front and along the back and a sheer double organza collar. The cuffs have a metal hook & eye closure.  (Someone has to make miniature hook & eye closures one of these days so they can be in better scale with doll clothes. There has to be another way.) 

If you get a chance to examine this blouse, it's a treat. Most human shirts don't have this much detail. This is classic Fashion Royalty excellence.

The only downfall of this ensemble is the sweater/sweatshirt. The weight of the fabric is wrong. It just doesn't lay properly and certainly doesn't flatter the doll in any way. The real life outfit is gorgeous and the sweater is the star. See below. Apparently in this case, the design could not be translated well for a doll. But I certainly give them an A for effort. As I said, there's not a stitch of careless construction in this ensemble. I wonder if the sweater would work on a flat-chested, slimmer doll.

Do I think she is worth $150? Compared to the other FR2 dolls, she was $25. less. If you love the face and the outfit, then the answer is a definite yes.

At this point the only way to get the doll is from other collectors directly or on eBay. Bergdorf's sold out shortly after they were posted.

You may be interested in seeing these images from Nordstrom's & Neiman Marcus' websites showing the real life Jason Wu garments upon which the doll's ensemble was based.

Jason Wu Lace Trim Wool Sweatshirt $1195.00

Jason Wu Organza Trim Silk Blouse $930.00

Jason Wu Satin Piped Tuxedo Pants $795.00

Double layer organza collar detail.

Leather Crossbody Tote $1995.


  1. I was able to pass on this girl. I do not like the face mold, as I heard the "Darryl Hannah" comment, and it is sadly too true!
    The outfit seems really nice, though.

  2. Love your review. I love the purse she comes with as well.

    My friend has a nearly identical pair of shoes (in her size, not doll size). I am always slightly awed that she can walk in them.

  3. @Anonymous: I don't think she looks like Darryl Hannah at all. She resembles the vampire, Pam, on True Blood if anyone.

  4. I don't see Darryl Hannah either. I do see a vampire in disguise? Well anyways, great review. This is my first FR2 and I love her! Love the fashions!!! This is why I started collecting Designer Barbie and Fashion Royalty fashions. Love it.

  5. I do see a little Daryl Hannah though. Don't see the Pam resemblance at all (Pam seems older too). Well that's okay. Luv the outfit, but I don't collect FR2.

  6. I guess I am not a good one to comment, as I am getting away from vinyl (cheap IT) and going more toward resin. I am sitting here, on top of an IT vinyl collection, that is easily worth thousands.
    My concern is that these dolls will just slowly lose value, as they yellow from age? IT has known about this problem for years, yet does nothing about it. If I am going to invest thousands, it will now be in resin.

  7. @Anonymous: I am not far from your sentiments. I'm in love with my two new 16" resin BJDs. And I love photographing them.
    As far as my 12" vinyl collection AND my 16" vinyl collection - what can I say. I love all of it. Sadly I found one IT tall body has yellowed. I haven't undressed most of my 12" vinyl dolls lately so I don't know if this is throughout all of them. I'm afraid it will be as it is with the Gene bodies.
    However, since Veronique and Vanessa's molds have been discontinued, I will not be purchasing more of the vinyl dolls except to get their clothes.
    I'm in a wait and see position.
    Thanks for your comments.

  8. Resin does yellow with age as well

  9. Fashion Night Out Doll #2 has got to be Jason's version of a drag queen. Very mannish jawline! Not feminine at all.

  10. Wonderful review.

    Just one question, does this include Certificate of Authenticity?