It's Your Turn to Walk the Dog & The Good Ones are Married or Gay

My good friend Ed loaned me his Billy dolls to play with. I'm just getting started.

Left, Carlos Leather Man. Right, Billy Brunette Cop.  Billy Gay Dolls by Totem

About Billy Dolls

It's  your turn to walk the dog, dear.
The good ones are either married or gay.


  1. Poor Barbie is invisible to CARLOS

  2. Any idea where they can be bought? I clicked your link and read the Wikipedia entry...but no link there for purchase.

  3. @Playbarbies
    There are many being sold on eBay currently. Do a search for Gay Billy Doll

  4. I love these dolls, but it's so hard to find clothing for them! :(

  5. Do a Google search. Or, if you live in or near a city with a "Boy's Town, they may be sold in shops (like Gay Mart in Chicago). I was given Carlos as a birthday gift, long time ago.

    One thing- They ARE anatomically correct. That's okay. The only thing Sugar Daddy Ken is good for is his money, and the ability to look good in a Tee at those White parties!!!!

  6. @Steve C.
    Ummm...I don't know who or what you've been hanging (haha) with but if these guys are anatomically correct then real men are in trouble. I think I might say that they resemble horses. LOL.
    I crack myself up.

  7. Well, dolls ARE a fantasy..... LOL/ "Neigh"!

  8. You crack us up, too!!! ;)