A Day of Ennui with Ellowyne: The Sequel

I am happy to report that Wilde Imagination is going to hold another Day of Ennui with Ellowyne. I had such a great time last year and the dolls were delightful. Robert Tonner did a bit in which he played Ello's therapist. He cracks me up every time.
It was like a mini convention complete with raffles, door prizes and competition dolls.
Last year there was a gorgeous Ellowyne and a lovely companion doll, Amber, available as well.  I'm not sure if Prudence was a centerpiece.
2010 A Day of Ennui Souvenir Doll
2010 A Day of Ennui Companion Doll
2010 A Day of Ennui
If you cannot attend but would like to pre-purchase the doll and any other table favors we might get, contact me as I will be dragging my husband along and he doesn't want the doll. ;-)  I can't imagine why.


The info for this event follows.

Ellowyne Disenchantment  (Click here to Register)

DATE: Saturday, August 13, 2011
TIME: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
LOCATION: Wiltwyck Country Club, Kingston, NY
COST: $225

Limited to 150 Guests

Includes an exclusive Ellowyne, a fabulous lunch, a smile (possibly), poetry, brooding, whipped cream, therapist visit, tea and possibly a bit of Ennui.

On the Friday night prior to the luncheon there will be a wine, cheese and scone event with Evangeline Ghastly at the Tonner Company Store. The details for that portion haven't been figured out yet but you can be sure it will be worth spending the weekend in the area to attend both.


Did I mention that each table got a trough of whipped cream to go along with dessert? Well it wasn't actually a trough but it was a very large, trough-shaped serving piece.


  1. I was going to attend last year but had plans for a L.A. event.
    Would very much like to go this year. I love Ellowyne.

  2. @Aquabluerose: Let's sit together!

  3. That would be so nice, Terri, thank you.
    Have quite a few things happening around this time so will have to see!