BIC Co. Ltd. - Update

Denise Travers posted this information on the doll blogs.

I'm so sorry, This should have been posted here last night.
I want to share this news without rumor or speculation.
BIC has shut down & stopped business but most important of all is that
this is to confirm that Kazue went missing as of April 11 & not even her family
or friends know her whereabouts. She has not been heard from.
All that is happening is a tragedy. Please don't assume the worst about her
business practices. Remember this is a very DEAR woman many of us have known &
loved(& TRUSTED) for the last 9 years.
I will give details tomorrow after I speak to her family.

It is extremely disturbing to hear that Kazue is missing. She was OK after the tsunami and earthquake. She opened a Facebook account and was friending people. I'm stunned.


  1. Hello!

    "Please don't assume the worst about her business practices" ????

    What kind of announcement might this be?? I am completely flabbergasted.

    Does this read: she took the money and ran?

    My goodness, hopefully she's well.


  2. Hello again!

    I have not yet recovered from reading these news and am still highly confused about the way they were reported.

    Terri, you wrote Kazue-san made a lot of friends via facebook. Maybe she was a bit too frank? There are quite some bad people on the (internet)prowl.

    I simply don't want to accept Kazue-san's disappearance.

    This might sound ridiculous, but I was at least a regular window shopper at her sites, so it feels as if a close-by dealer had all of sudden vanished into thin air.

    And there are only very disquieting reasons for this popping up in my mind.


  3. Shocking news to me! Whatever happened to Kazue?


  4. Took the money and ran? I think not!!
    Her heritage is about HONOR.
    Maybe with what has happened over there in such magnitude has upset her so much she needs to break and regroup her life and goals. How would you like walking down streets of nothing but death and destruction? Imaginable!
    I pray she is safe.

    Debbie Martin