Designer Ties One On or An Ungapotchked Outfit

"Exquisite"~ A New Monogram Doll ~ An MFD LE300 Exclusive ~ $175.00

In the new design tradition (don't ask)  of Tricks of the Trade Eugenia, Regal Solstice Anja, Out of the Blue Kyori and Fire Within Jordan, Integrity Toys has released a new Monogram doll called Exquisite. Sigh. 
 On Wednesday, April 20, a lottery was announced to generate excitement and sales of this doll.

Integrity Promotional Photo
 MFD  has had gorgeous exclusives from the very start of the Fashion Royalty line:

Soir De Paris LE 200 $35.00

Paradise Veronique LE 750 $35.00

Girl of the Moment Veronique LE 1000 $72.00
Overachiever Eugenia LE 450 $139.99

Marg Matsui, the owner of My Favourite Doll aka MFD has hosted several Wu conventions and is an established and important dealer.

To my knowledge, with an exclusive, the dealer arranges for the creation of and pays for the item up front. I wonder how much of the design process is shared. I think perhaps only the concept is discussed.

For the sake of Marg Matsui, I hope the dolls sell out quickly. From the comments on the W Club board, the chances of that happening quickly appear slim. But only a very small percentage of the membership actually posts so one doesn't really know what most of the W Club thinks. The rest of the dolls will be available to the collecting public after the lottery winners take theirs.

I didn't want to post large pictures of the following because one can get lost in the details. In every case below the doll fashion is either overly designed or overwhelms the doll itself. In the last case, the draping is exceedingly poor.  Dolls aren't human and can't move on a runway. The clothes have to look good on the doll with zero motion. A real model can prance and walk down a runway in such a way as to make an outrageous fashion look amazing. Dolls can't.

Several years ago I was going crazy because every Tonner Tyler Boutique item coming out had bows and ribbons. Good grief. Now they're ruffle crazy.


  1. She's an interesting doll, I hope sales are brisk and worth it for the seller. I wanted to comment on how I had to click and see the larger view of the picture to see any details of the doll. She's rather deathly pale, isn't she? Also I assume I'm not the first to comment, but what are people saying about the difference in color between her body and face?
    I agree with you about ruffles, in such a small scale they look way too big, although, I'm not a fan of them in full scale either.

  2. I actually like this doll, and Marg is terrific to deal with. I hope it does sell well. I personally don't collect Monograms, so I likely won't be buying her. I do re-dress my dolls so I like the fact that there is lots of 'pieces'. I get tired of simple black dresses from IT. And her shoes are fab! I have found that it is always best to wait until seeing dolls in person before passing judgement...as I have often been mistaken (some mistakes have been costly!). Dolls that I thought I would love, I did not, and visa versa. I look forward to seeing the actual doll!

  3. I was wondering what you thought of Regal Solstice Anja - I guess I know now! I got only the outfit and like each individual piece, but as a whole, on the doll, it made no sense to me. I like this doll better, but it is jarring to my eye, and not in a good way.

  4. I like this doll. Love the flowers and her paleness is very Dior runway from awhile back. The dark cumberbund would be removed if she were mine(hopefully it could be taken off.) Unfortunately rising dolls prices -- and not just by Integrity -- has forced me to scale back so I didn't enter the lottery.

  5. SmittenKitten4/22/11, 9:55 PM

    I like the doll. I think that she is pretty. Normally, if I don't like an outfit but like the doll I will buy the doll anyway and sell the outfit. I am passing this time as I would be afraid I would get stuck with the gown. I am refraining from any further comment on said gown. I'm trying really, really hard to refrain:P

  6. I don't collect Monogram, but kind of like the outfit, it has an operatic look to it, and the doll's make up reminds me of Opera. LOL!

    Marg and her staffs are terrific to deal with.

  7. @Carine: I agree it's a very theatrical fashion.

  8. Since you have to pay for the lot I wonder if SHE came up with the price or Integrity??
    I also wonder if she "OK'ed" the fashion?
    Most(not all) of the people on the board who loved the fashion were from overseas...or Florida