Virtually Stunning Alex Styled by Jason Wu

My VS Alex arrived today and I am happy to say that she is prettier in person than her promotional photos indicated. I was on the fence about pre-ordering but when I saw that the Doll Market was offering her for $119.95 instead of the $149.95 list price, I crumpled and ordered. It's a sickness.
VS Alex is 16-1/2 inches tall, vinyl, rooted, eyelashed and highly articulated. She's a limited edition of 150 pieces.
Madame Alexander Promotional Image of VS Alex
Upon releasing her from her box I became alarmed when I couldn't move her ankle joint so she could stand properly in her pumps. I undressed her and tried and I was certain that I'd have to return her. But I warmed up my heating pad, pulled the foot out of the leg and warmed it in there for about 10 minutes. It worked! What a relief. I wanted to use some WD-40 but I didn't think that would be an intelligent choice of lubricant (duh) so I used a spray of wig conditioner. Hopefully that will last. If not, I know how to fix it.

If you are not familiar with the line of Alex dolls you may be surprised to find that they have a big head look. Alex also had big hands and feet. The big head seems to have grown some but the hands are nicer.  Here is a comparison between the newest body and the last body.

The legs are so much longer. I liked the original breasts better.
Older body cannot cross legs.
Legs are more shapely.
Prior to the last body, this line had articulated feet and happily they're now back.  Like almost all 16 inch modern fashion vinyl dolls, they have gone through a progressively more articulated evolution but the last release of dolls before these had less articulation.
Besides Alexandra Fairchild Ford herself, the other dolls in the line are Sophia Cruz, Paris Williams , Jadde Lee, Siena Evans, Suzette Morgan, Amanda Fairchild Ford. You can see many of them at The Matilda Company's website.

Jadde Lee and Paris Williams - Full articulation.

MA Alex dolls have historically held their value, possibly due to their limited numbers.

Back to Basics, Editor in Chief , Soleil Outfit, Dots Dress, Smashing Frame Outfit
MA has clothed their dolls in gorgeous fashions made from fine fabrics with detailed accessories. They have also produced some separate fashions for collectors to purchase. Again, these items are not easy to find except for a very few that were possibly over-produced or less popular.

Here are comparison shots with an Avantguard doll who is designed by Jason Wu as well.
Compare the size of the heads. Alex's head is huge!

Legs and torso are almost the same length.
I tried a few MA outfits on Alex and they fit. They will be shorter and the shoes will be slightly tighter. Antoinette dress fashions fit. Gene fashions will depend on the cut. The waist will be short in fitted fashions. Former MA Alex fashions will be troublesome as well due to the change in proportions. Again, the waist will be short.
Made for Gene.
Gene's suit.
Dressmaker Details for Gene and Avantguard
Tonner for Antoinette
The ringlets are well done without frizzed ends. Unfortunately the top of the head and the bangs are flattened against the head in an  unnatural fashion making her big head look even bigger. She needs height up there. I lifted her glued bangs to look underneath and her eyebrows are beautiful. Having no hair on her forehead changes her entire appearance. I will definitely restyle her hair. It's such a shame because I love the ringlet look. I don't understand the use of the helmet bangs over and over again. It's not attractive the way the factory glues them down. I can't picture a real person wearing their hair that way - even a model would look unnatural.
Her eyes are beautiful with lovely screening and great lashes. Alex has always had applied lashes. MA was always ahead of the pack when it came to lashes and articulation. I suppose they contracted Wu to bring the doll's face into the modern fashion scene. I liked her face as it was but the body is a big improvement.
The outfit she comes with is not what I've come to expect from Madame Alexander. The shoes are gorgeous. The rhinestone bracelet is lovely. The dress is a triple layer of fabric - lining, double knit in a dark color and an overlay of sequined lace. In this scale, the fabric doesn't drape or fit the body properly. The smooth black pleather handbag looks cheap and the hat with it's hot pink flowers would go better with a summery fashion.
I'm glad I purchased one of these new dolls but I will probably use the body for someone elses head unless I can fix up her hair and possibly repaint her lips to give them some depth.

As I was first working with Alex I couldn't get over how much she reminded me of Daryl Hannah as a mermaid in the movie Splash and the vengeful giantess in the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.  


  1. Great review! I am not a bhs fan, so I would love the body for a normal headed gal...I wonder what skin tone she is compatible with in other doll lines.

  2. Wonderful pics and observations, Terri! I received my Mahogany from Matilda Co. yesterday and I couldn't be happier with this doll. I have many MA Alexae, and they are all high quality and beautiful, but this doll really serves to update and refresh the line.
    I do wish MA had shown this doll without sunglasses.
    She has a gorgeous face w/beautiful eyes, unseen in the promo pics. Next stop - Graphic Content Paris.

  3. Thanks for the review! I also pre-ordered this doll but haven't received her yet. I have tons of Alex's clothing and am disappointed the doll wasn't modified in a way to wear the previous fashions.Ah well!

  4. Thanks for posting this Terri.. I am going to buy this one.

    Are the original sections of hair shown in the prototypes, that ran along her jawline, now gone?
    Those were the great lure for me.. makes me want your Convention Sale Red Rabbit more. LOL

    I like her more masculine face and I like the new body. I really like the waist shape. The older waist always reminded me of Gene.

    Thanks for posting!

  5. Really helpful review. It's great to hear about the details you just can't see in a promo picture. Thanks for the pics too.

  6. @James: She comes with her hair as shown on the sides. Big pieces glued down the sides of her face.

  7. @ Terri
    Great! ... I love glued hair! [I love my doll's hairdos!]
    Thanks for answering Terri!

  8. Hello Terri!

    Thank you very much for sharing the photographs of the new Alex doll.

    I had pre-ordered the Graphic Content Paris doll, and now I'm glad I did. I like the new look and the proportions of this Alex doll.

    By the way, is business so good nowadays that the sellers don't have to send a despatch note to their customers anymore?

    I learned about Paris probably being on the way when checking my credit card account and noticing that quite an amount had been debited to it. Then it crossed my mind that this might be Paris plus shipping cost. I then enquired with the seller if this was the case. Which it was. But I'm still waiting for a readable invoice or a tracking no... Similar thing with another seller , by the way, sending me an invoice, charging my credit card, then charging again, without any notice. My question concerning this was answered with their being entitled to do so for additional shipping cost, see our homepage... And no despatch note here, either.

    Well then, I'll have to see what German customs will have in mind for these two deliveries.

    But I am very much looking forward to having that Paris doll.

    Errhem, it is a sickness, and I have to keep myself from buying Alex...

    Petra from Germany

  9. @Petra:
    Same thing happened to me. The website of the dealer shows that the doll is not in stock and yet my doll arrived two days ago. That was quite a surprise!
    Enjoy your dolly.

  10. Great review, Terri! :) I bought my 1st new Alex (Mahogany) at the Rothman Show in NJ today... really love her! I've undressed her and very much like the new body sculpt, but I don't really get the waist joint. It's attractive, but looks weird when you move it... it's almost like her body breaks in 2, y'know? I wouldn't want to pose her with that joint in anything body-concious. It'a almost unnecessary. I don't have an Avante Guard... maybe it's the same with them?
    Adam :)