Dasha and Elyse

Had some time to do a photo shoot with the FR2 dolls from the convention. Elyse is now wearing the outfit from Extravagance Monogram. It works on her. The shoes fit perfectly. 

I love Dasha's gown. I don't know if I'll be redressing her too soon.

 The chairs are from Angelic Dreamz. They are Horseman products.


  1. I knew you'd love Dasha's gown. It works on Flame Blue really well, I think.

    How is the fit on the upper bodice on the FR2 with that mono fashion?

  2. You convinced me to keep this gown. :)

  3. I really love how you styled Dasha's hair. It looks much better this way. Jas really loved her gown too. I like the folding parts of it near the waistline. Elyse could be wearing a potato sack (like Oona was) and still get my attention.