The Barbie Blonde Collection

Talk about excess!  This grouping of items glorifies glitz. That's not to say they're not attractive items. I love the three OOAK Barbie dolls for $5,000. each. 

 How about this collection of 40 gold clad dolls in hand sewn outfits? There's only one of these collections and it's priced at $5,000. You can start and end a collection in one shot.

And the must have on everyone's list this year is a 36" X 36" hair chandelier for $9,000.  I've wanted one since I was a little girl. Haven't you? There's only one.
Did I hear someone call this ugly?

For those of you on a coal budget, how about this black PVC headband for $15.?

 There's so much more at this link.

BTW You have until November 16th to save up for this event.


  1. this is a fun catalog.

    it's one i would keep if i got in print

    kinda like the Dream books they used to make. lots of stuff you won't ever get, but it's nice to look.

  2. OMG! The White Blond with the bangs is awesome!!!

  3. hmmmm, for that price, do you think the clothing is lined? lol

  4. That chandelier is repugnant. They'd have to pay me $9000 to hang it in my house... and even then I would only keep it up for Halloween.
    The dolls are nice, but not worth the price at all to me. I don't think I can think of a doll worth that price tag. I'd rather go travel somewhere across the globe for that much money.