Fear and Mixing a Poodle With Another Dog Will Get You a Mutt

I have received a swell of support not only on yesterday's post but on Facebook and to my personal email address. I have been called fearless and open in these messages but let me tell you the truth, I am full of fear and for the most part, there's good reason. I walk through the fear when the perceived consequences don't seem so bad. It's a very interesting experience to have said that a doll is ugly and then to be attacked personally. Today I was accused of "voicing an adverse opinion on almost every doll that's produced and taking it to such a gross and personal level." My statement was taken personally by others and was being grandstanded on the board. I stayed away from the W Board for months. I forgot why until now.
At least some admit they are IT cheerleaders. That's a great attitude.  They don't take themselves so seriously. They're not holier than thou. Take what you need and leave the rest. You like a doll, buy it. The rest of the collectors don't have to like it.

I'm that way when it comes to poodles as a breed of dogs. I think they're wonderful. You can say what you want or mix up a poodle with some other dog and you won't get me down or make me insult you or tell you how to behave. I will tell you that mixing a poodle with another dog will get you a mutt. Likewise if you wish to re-root your doll or repaint it, I don't get insulted because you didn't like the original. You thought you could make it better. Maybe you did. But it's not what the designer produced. Do you think they care? You paid for the doll. In the end, the manufacturer looks at the bottom line.

(Note: I am not saying that repaints are mutts. I'm talking about poodles. Mutts are great dogs anyway.)

If you look through my blog and my Flickr, would you think that I have adverse opinions on almost every doll that's produced? Why do I post my gorgeous photos all over the place?

Are you fucking blind or just stupid
I've sold more dolls than you can imagine because of my reviews.

Exaggeration is a backhanded form of dishonesty. There are a few people who are in a snit over my blog. Go away and don't read it. You can always write your own opinion of a doll and/or post a response to my posts. I won't attack you or tell you how to express yourself. 

When I write my reviews, I don't bounce them off the opinions of others. I take credit and responsibility for my opinions. I don't preface them with "I don't agree with what so-and-so said." I don't have to. So-and-so can say what they want to say and so can I. If you like the doll, write about it. Don't waste your time writing about me. I've wasted enough time on this topic for all of us.

Posted by Permission of Petra


  1. I actually love your blog, and appreciate the fact that you give your honest opinion about a doll. I always find your perspective very insightful and discerning. I also want to defend your right to free speech, as well! Don't let the haters get you down!

  2. I love reading your blog, and like the fact that your opinion about dolls is always honest and very true. I think if a doll manufacture produces a doll that is not very attractive people should know about it before they spend their hard earned money on a piece of crap. After all it's just constructive criticism!

  3. Wow, really? peeps, get a life!!! Dolls are not real....regardless of sentiment, they are toys, plastic toys. HOWEVER Terri is real, a real person, a NICE person, someone with feelings and I think regardless of opinion, people should be treated with respect. Love your blog, and I don't even collect fashion dolls, I just like the pictures and witty comments. You rock!

  4. Is that the doll? If not "ugly," she certinly looks "plain," to me. LOL Kind of refreshing! :)

  5. I can go to any blog to hear a bunch of butt kissers love every doll that comes out. With your blog, I know I'm going to get an honest and detailed run-down of the pros and cons from someone I consider to be an expert in doll collecting. I know exactly what to expect if I buy and that's what keeps me coming back!

  6. i love ur blog terri
    and i love ur reviews

  7. Terri please dont censor your opinions.They are valuable for alot of collectors who spend big $ on these little plastic obsessions.It seems of late that big and small doll producers are attaining the status of rockstars in their own minds complete with legions of glassy eyed sycophants to stroke their giant egos on message boards.I read reviews but ultimately make up my own damn mind and could care less if someone else thinks my dolls are fugly.I have many dolls others found unpopular and love them all.Keep up the good work!

  8. Looks like I missed all the drama! Personally, I find your honesty very refreshing. I have strong opinions on my likes and dislikes and I have no problem posting them on the boards. I don't get attacked, probably because I don't have a blog and I don't post on the boards very often. I say, keep your opinions coming, cuz it keeps things lively!

  9. Terri, I can't believe how this has escalated. Fear-mongering? Really? Who are these people who can be afraid of a tiny cute little petite lady with a wonderful New York accent and a sweet little dog named Rudy that you absolutely adore? Fear-mongering? A very smart lady who is a professional photographer and shares her wonderful photos and provides honest reviews that many collectors have been happy to read. Integrity should thank you. They owe you a big apology IMO! There are others who owe you a big apology, but I don't care to name them here because "YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!"

    I love you, Terri! Never change!


  10. How can they say you take an adverse opinion to every doll produced? That is simply a LIE! You like many, many dolls. I mean, really, if you did not like any dolls why would you spend so much time and money on them?

    I love it when you get a doll with ratty hair and make it beautiful. Especially when you tell us how you did it! -And your posing and photography are perfection.


    We love you Terri!!

    Helen in CA

  11. Puh-leeze! I missed the drama, too, but I LOVE your blog. I look forward to what is clearly your opinions on YOUR blog. At least you know what you're talking about.

  12. hello there :)

    serioulsy u shldnt care about what folks can tell :)

    I love reading your blog to actually find out what somebody honestly think of some dolls or news or stuff.

    it can be good or bad, i think the main point here is that you speak ur mind and thats actually what i like :) so keep doing the good job dear :)

    dolly hugs from sweden

  13. and for the record,
    i personally think she looks very like lady G.. and by this i mean as ugly as her haha

    i just think people should learn on how to be tolerant towards each others.

    after all, we all buy dolls we find beautiful and we buy them for ourselves ( or at lest rl collectors)

  14. Lmao you go girl!!!! show these losers some NY girl Power! your reviews are always fab and so are your photos these people just need to get a life and stop with the hating i personally think the doll is not beautiful but when people get so attached to these doll world shit means they have no real life like i always say wer egere for dolls not to be miss high school queen be sweetheart that maybe looks good in a beautiful teenage girl but in middle aged adults sooooo not hot so if that person thinks its a hot attitude sooooo not happenning lol you keep doing your thing girl :) as you always do and to all of those stalkers losers with no life dont hate on Terri shes 100 times better that yall ever be GET A LIFE!!!!!

    love ya girl