Traveler Innoquii Transformed!

Petra Becker from Germany sent me a picture of her Traveler from whom she removed the black eye spot. She sanded with different grits of paper and I think she did an amazing job. After removing the spot she used acrylic paint for the eye and eyebrow and pastel for the upper cheek area. Take a look at this picture of hers.

Image by Petra Becker

For comparison, here is a before picture of my Traveler doll.What a difference!

I'm torn between removing the spot and leaving it. I don't love it but it's edgy and unique. One day I'd like to get the bride doll from this series which currently is selling for about $300. That's a big difference from the $75 for Traveler!

Traveler can wear many Avantguard clothes but bottoms that are very tight on the AGs may be impossible to get on.  All the ultra short dresses are close to perfect on Traveler. Shoes will fit, too.

I wonder if her stringing will loosen up over time? Her elbow joints are extremely snappy. Every other joint works nicely. I am still very pleased with her.


  1. I like the spot over her eye. It makes her
    unique and Superfrock is unique.

  2. I looove that shot with her over-sized beauty mark and jewels. Really beautiful. [I am a huge fan of Innoquii:]

    I did a Phantom of the Opera mask over her spot for a friend's doll.

    Really great picture, there Terri!.

  3. @James: Thanks for your comments. I would love to see your Phantom mask. Email it to me, please!

  4. Hi Terri..
    I sent you an email with the pictures. They aren't the best posed pictures.. but they are fun. :D

  5. Looks good! Does anyone else's Traveler doll have a longer left leg?