How many of you remember the nighttime soap, Dynasty?

Two new character dolls have been introduced by Mattel. They are Krystal [Carrington] of Dynasty who was portrayed by Linda Evans (above left),
Krystal - Estimated delivery date .December 2010
and Alexis [Colby] of Dynasty formerly played by Joan Collins (top right):
Alexis - Estimated delivery date December 2010
John Forsythe, himself a handsome and distinguished actor, is the man in the middle. In the show he is married to Krystle. He'd make a hot-looking doll. Forsythe passed away in April, 2010 at the age of 92.

The dolls still look like Barbie. The hair is close to the actress' styles and the fashions are very good replicas from what I can see but the faces are still very Barbie. Isn't anyone else getting tired of that body pose? Such a waste of vinyl.

Linda Evans and Joan Collins were gorgeous in that series.

Joan, at 77, still looks great.
Linda's plastic surgeon should be shot.


  1. That show was hot! I can not believe you went there about Linda's plastic surgeon! lolol

  2. @ebonyNicole: It's really sad that she probably looks worse than she would if she had done nothing. She's about 14 years younger than Joan!
    Fashion dolls, looks, plastic surgery...all the same.

  3. I would not mind a STEVEN doll - with two sets of heads, OF COURSE!!! (^_*)

  4. Although I am *cough*cough* old enough to remember Dynasty and all the hype I generally don't like episodic TV. I will admit to wearing shoulder pads back in the day.


  5. @Laura: You were just a babe in your mother's arms watching that series.

  6. I have to say, 1- loving the blog, and 2- that joan collins doll looks nothing like Joan Collins. Not even the spirit of Joan Collins. What a shame, I think something cool could have been acomplished. Why aren't there many dolls above the age of 25? Women age, a doll of " a certain age " can be great.