Another Michelle Obama Doll!

Look at these promotional pictures. They're artist's renderings. Do you remember the last artist rendering of a Michelle Obama doll? The doll turned out to be quite different and equally as unsatisfactory.

The Franklin Mint has jumped into the arena and is promoting their own "Michelle Obama Official White House Portrait  Doll" in vinyl. 

The only descriptive text they include in their strange tribute to the First Lady is as follows:

"this remarkable creation is complete with black pumps, stud earrings, double-strand faux pearl necklace and replica steel watch. An irrefutable masterpiece, our Franklin Mint artisans have truly made dollmaking history with this magnificent Michelle Obama portrait collectible. Limited Edition of 9,900 worldwide."

 I say the tribute is strange because there is no mention of her powerful intellect and impressive education only her "statuesque beauty and astonishing physique....her youthful and bold fashion choices...body hugging silhouettes and vintage-style brooches...[which] radiate Michelle's unique blend of confidence, charisma and elegance."
It's embarrassing to read.

I guess one has to write to the Franklin Mint to find out how large the doll is and about any other construction aspect.
I have sent them these questions:

Regarding the new vinyl Michelle Obama doll, I have questions. 
How tall is the doll?
Is the picture an artist's rendering or is it an actual photograph of the doll? 
Are the doll's clothes removable or are they sewn on? 
Is she wearing a wig or is her hair rooted?
Why don't you put important information in your promotional ads?

The price is $195. and they are accepting pre-orders. That's pretty clear.

Don't do it.  Wait until the real thing can be seen.  

Note: I have found out that they are 16" tall. Apparently the clothing is removable. Angelic Dreamz will be selling these dolls and several outfits as well. I am sure George will provide excellent photos for us to see. Link to Angelic Dreamz.



  1. Ashton Drake has a rendering of a new Elvis Presley poseable 17.5" vinyl doll; same type of thing...very vague information, and photos that look like they have been heavily photoshopped. Still, they are pushing for a pre-order due to high demand!

  2. I don't think they are artist renderings.

    The arm joints are visible at the shoulder and I assume that this doll has the internal elbow and knee joints that the other Franklin Mint vinyl Portrait dolls have.

  3. i heard she is 16" tall.

    i like the ashton drake version better so far. although no one has seen it in person yet of course.

    who knows? maybe the FM one will be nice....
    you're right -- the descrip *is* annoying. i admit, i usually only give a cursory skim to that kind of stuff and just look for any product "facts". so i actually hadn't noticed how bad it was....


  4. addendum: maybe instead of using the word "annoying" i should have said "insulting"!in my post!


  5. I have the actual doll. The photos above are NOT artist renderings, but are of the actual doll. It is 16" tall, has a "twist & turn" waist but does not bend at the elbows or knees, and the dress has a zipper in the back. I didn't check to see if it's a wig or rooted hair.
    IMO, it's a beautiful portrayal of a beautiful, classy lady and I'm happy to add her to my doll family!

  6. Today I received a response to my query about the Obama image on Franklin Mint's website. I still don't think it's the actual picture. It looks heavily Photoshopped.

    from Goffney, Erica
    to yomama12498@XXXXX
    date Tue, Dec 28, 2010 at 2:49 PM
    subject RE: Michelle Obama Official White House Port
    signed-by yahoo.com

    Dear T,

    Thank you for your email.

    Please be advised that the Michelle Obama Official White House Portrait Vinyl Doll became available to be shipped on December 20, 2010.

    Please also note that the image reflected on www.FranklinMint.com is a picture of the actual doll.

    If you have any other questions or would like to place an order, please contact our Client Service Department at 1 800 THE MINT and one of our representatives would be more than happy to assist you.

    We appreciate your continued interest in the products crafted by The Franklin Mint.


    Elizabeth Jennings
    Client Service and Satisfaction Representative