A Photoshoot, Finally!

Yesterday I took the time to photograph a bunch of dollies that have been patiently waiting. The time before a convention is nice and peaceful without many new dolls arriving. Next month at this time, the chaos will have subsided but there will be chaos.

Here's an assortment for you.

Tonner's Vivacious Antoinette in Summer Nights
I'm pretty bored with Antoinette already and I will not be adding new ones. This is the latest dress I received from the Cami & Jon line. They wear the same clothes. The dress is pretty vanilla - nothing new. It definitely is lacking pizzazz.

Mini  Aphrodisiac in a Pam Seeman Dress
I love this doll and she is as beautiful as her larger sister. I picked up this couch from Facets. The earrings were gifts from Facets as well. Shoes are from a Fashion Royalty fashion.
The "Egyptian" chair was purchased in a local head shop/crystal store.

Beatnik Blues Poppy Parker wearing Sealed With A Kiss

 Getting this doll's bangs to lay properly is an exercise in futility. She should have been wigged. I love the outfits being created for this line of dolls.

Coney Island Saturday Poppy Parker wearing Beatnik Blues
She looks afraid. This is not a very popular edition and perhaps the designers will take a hard look at the eyes going forward. The first year Poppy's eyes were more expressive and less anime. Teens in the era from which Poppy is supposed to come did not wear big hair rolls on their foreheads. That's from the 40's.
Am I imagining it or is Poppy supposed to be a little pigeon-toed? I don't like that Robert Tonner did that with Tiny Kitty in order to make her look more kittenish and vulnerable. Imagine a boy doll with pigeon toes? It's so sexist.

Mini Gene Wearing Look of Love Poppy Fashion
 Mini-Gene dolls sport my favorite 12" doll sculpt. It's delightful to find that there are clothes for them.

Target Exclusive Barbie Basics With Shoes from Shoe Pack
No, I still do not collect Barbie Dolls. I do buy them occasionally to see what all the fuss is about however. I purchased the big shoe pack and these zebra striped pumps were my favorites. I hoped against hope that some of the shoes would fit Fashion Royalty but no luck. It would be nice if these dolls were articulated (she said, again.)
The doll has a pretty face - she's soooo white it even bothers me. Hehe.
It's cute.

Hair is the usual choppy mess and this picture is after I trimmed and conditioned it!

Puki Puki "Rudy" Wearing Kelly Clothes and a Tabloach Wig
My poor Puki Pukis are very neglected. They sit around staring at the big girls getting changed and being played with.  Here, Ruby is examining her fishbowl and planning to take the fish out for a walk.


  1. Love how you styled mini-Aphrodisiac!!!

    Greetings, Jurrie

  2. But your pictures are the reason I have 3 (three-count-'em) Antoinettes!!! I didn't like her at first but you had so many great pictures I finally bought some (well I did wait until they were on sale, LOL). If the Antoinette Jolie winds up deeply discounted I will get her also. Regarding Aphro -- small and large -- I love your pictures of her but could not bond with the doll in person. Same with Androgeny. They long ago moved to more appreciative homes.

  3. First off, Terri, I love your blog!
    Your picture of the Mini Aphrodisiac in a Pam Seeman Dress is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Where would I find out more about Pam's dresses and where can I purchase?


  4. @Edmondlives: Thank you for your comments. Pam will be at the FR convention but she also creates Gene sized fashions.


    Tell her Terri Gold sent you!

  5. Great work Its a nice posting and you done a great job by writing after every photo you made nicely and clearly. well done. Blogged

  6. I love your picture of Vivacious in Summer Nights! It looks gorgeous on her