Will the Real Miss Piggy Please Stand Up?

This is the new 11" version of Tonner's Miss Piggy. There is already a 16" Miss Piggy in this outfit. The other difference is this version has her gloves and shoes painted on. What a drag. That makes the doll fairly useless. It's too bad because she is adorable in this size. Retail price $64.99 but I've seen it for less.


Below is the new 2010 basic Miss Piggy whose clothing and wig are removable. Retail price is $99.99. As always with Tonner items, shop around for a price below retail.


The "Fifth Avenue Pig" has been nominated for a 2010 Dolls Award of Excellence. This is an articulated 16" doll wearing a tailored suit with gold shoes and gloves, faux fur trim on the hat and jacket and pearls. It cracks me up. If Miss Piggy the puppet didn't have such a memorable personality this doll would just be a pig. But she is definitely a Divine Swine. Retail Price for this LE300 doll is $169.99.


I can't get the disturbing resemblance out of my mind now that I've seen these two side by side.


  1. Miss Piggy is hilarious. Wonder why Tonner & Co. decided to release them in a smaller size?

  2. I was so looking forward to a smaller version, and now just found out it has painted gloves on. I'll have to pass now.

    Thanks for info Terri!

  3. @Laura - Because they could? What's really hard to understand is why, two years in a row, the same 16" Miss Piggy basic was produced in the same outfit with just minor changes. The TDC must have it's reasons - they're going strong in a bad economy. I know the first 16" basic sold out.
    Did you realize that if you call the TDC office, you will actually be able to talk to someone who will try to answer your questions? Refreshing concept, isn't it?

  4. I think Miss Piggy wears the outfit better...and certainly with more flair.
    Like the Blog look too!