Deneuve ~ A Quiet Life

I have had this lovely doll for about a month now. Honestly, I did not know what to do with her at first and then I came to realize that I didn't have to do anything. This is a quiet doll. At first I didn't like the size of her nose. I was focused on that and it was disturbing. Now she is becoming more beautiful every day. 
She's had three photo shoots and is very easy to photograph. The resin accommodates daylight and flash beautifully.
She is soft and waiting.


  1. I like the description: Quiet. A friend has this doll, and she is coming to my place for some enhancing. She looks kind of lonely.

    I look forward to playing with her.
    Thaks for posting the pics.

  2. @James...I hope to see what you do with the Deneuve repaint.

  3. I really like the 3/4 face shot. I notice that few of the doll companies show profile shots and with good reason.
    I rather like the strong prominent features, this doll seems right for some fairly agressive syles....like Angelica Huston...she can probably carry off a lot that "sweet" faces couldn't.

    Will C

  4. I really like her. The more I look at her, the more she draws me in.