Tricks of the Trade Eugenia Frost

Last week a dealer posted some IRL images of this Eugenia in an eBay auction. A collective sigh of relief was heard from collectors and I know quite a few that contacted their dealers to order the doll. The power of a good photograph comes through once again.  I didn't think the promotional photograph was bad; it was the outfit that worried me. Her light eyebrows are an easy fix so that was not a concern. I love Eugenia's sculpt.

She was delivered today. There were no surprises. She looks exactly like the promo. The outfit is a collection of ideas that do not relate to eachother - overdone and undisciplined. There are so many styles and doodads piled on that the effect is comical. So I made it even funnier. The fur collar makes Eugie look like she has no neck. It would be nice on a sweater or a coat but not on this strapless mini-dress.

On the positive side, the shoes are stunning. Make sure you use a needle nose pliers to open the elastic loop prior to putting the shoes on in order to avoid over stretching and possibly breaking it. In this case, patience pays off and the shoes fit properly and stay on. I will probably remove the feathers as that is another useless item.

Trick sports a beautifully blended color saran hair which is pulled back into a low pony tail which is crimped. Is there anything the designers said 'no' to? I hope her head is fully rooted as I believe she will look gorgeous with her hair down.

Once the extra "fashion'  accessories are removed, she begins to emerge. She is stunning. Her dress is chic and young. The beaded lace stockings are gorgeous. Instead of the weird hat, I would have enjoyed a nice clutch in the same fabric.

Eugenia is a LE 600. Retail price is $139.00.

This season's Foundation Collection is marred by a disconnect between fashion and style. The two separate fashions, which have not yet arrived, continue this strange mix of shapes . The two images below are the property of Integrity Toys.


  One hopes that the designer(s) can rein in their tendencies to put everything on one doll and call it edgy. Let's go for class once again.

This link: http://woodsky.free.fr/LBX/listeFR.html, if you haven't discovered it yet, will provide you with a wonderful source of current and past Jason Wu Dolls. You can browse back through the years to see how the dolls and fashions have changed.  I use it all the time! You can drool over "Toast of Paris" and "Evening Chill" Raven Veronique. Even if you have the dolls, it's fun to see the original promotional images again.
Besides Fashion Royalty dolls, there are databases for Hollywood Royalty, Valia, Monogram, Model Behavior/Nu.Fantasy/Nu-Face, Misaki, Monsieur Z, Dynamite Girls, Poppy Parker, Brides of Dracula & Dark Hunters.



  1. Im sorry to diseagree but i think that even if i don't like this particular style i have to say that is OK for designers to try new and different looks, i mean why would anyone want a room full of the same styled dolls with updo's or locks and night dresses with cigarrets and martinis? having different options makes a collection better in my oppinion

  2. @Anonymous: I don't know what you're disagreeing with. I didn't say designers shouldn't try new looks. I said there were too many styles on one doll. It's undisciplined and unfocused.
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Terri, I do not think you understand current fashion. Picking up any issue of Vogue or Elle on newstands should be an easy fix to this. Their is a lot going on with this doll, but everything is on tred, even the bleached eyebrows and excessive accessories.

  4. @Anonymous: Well, you're probably right. I'm just an uneducated doll collector.

  5. Lol i'm the first anonymousand just be clear i'm sorry i missunderstood your comments ( i hope to no have sounded as harsh as the other guy) greetings,
    a fan.

  6. Interesting and kind of messy.

    Some of these new dolls look like someone or maybe the team is immitating Jason's style, not quite getting it right.

    I am not a fan of large lace patterned stockings.. on humans or dolls.. sometimes they look like the wearer may have been dragged behind a car at 100 mph.

    I agree with you Terri.. there a little too much going on.. although.. like a Joe Tai outfit.. these dolls come with too many pieces.. but bits that can be used elsewere.

    As for Eugenia's hat.. looks like it got caught in a subway door.

    As always, I love your posts, Ms Gold. Always great to read.

  7. Plastic Cat7/1/10, 4:53 PM

    I love your pics Terri!
    The Outfit doesn't bother me, but I think that she could be easily transformed into the Venus Eugenia with her bleached out brows.

    Not so sure about the haircolour, but then, it's just my taste.
    I personally would have a gaved her platinum hair to match the brows.

  8. I don't know I am torn between purchasing Vanessa Perrin Color Therapy or Eugenia. I have seen some pics of up close facials on Eugenia and she is quite stunning..I like her outfit because it is different...

  9. I'm just starting with Integrity dolls and really would love to save up for one of these dolls (so far I have two Dynamite girl dolls -BB Jasper and EP Rufus Blue- and one Of the Newest ITBE's Desirable whom I've immediately removed the black dress of and given her a swimsuit from a My Scene Chelsea doll and some 90's vintage sky blue sunglasses, looking very Lady gaga now)

    Getting to my question is are these dolls the same size as the ones I have or are they the bigger ones like Gene sized? I'd understand the price a bit easier if they are bigger but I really don't care I have so many favorites to pick from but not really the one pictured above.

  10. @Moxie F:
    They are 12" tall. Gene is just under 16".