From Runway to Doll Collector

A  public relations firm representing Madame Alexander Doll Co. recently asked me if I would advertise Jason Wu's new Cissy dolls. They sent me promotional photos and text. They were not able to send samples for me to examine and review. I actually did post images of his collaborative efforts in January 2010 after I saw them at IDEX.  This is not exactly what pr had in mind but it's lots of fun looking at Jason's runway shows and seeing which aspects have been applied to the dolls.

Today I was watching a slide show of Jason's Fall runway show when I saw this image:

I thought to myself, "I've seen that before."

This little beauty is called "Bon Bon." She is one of the new NeoCissy dolls designed by Jason Wu for Madame Alexander. She's just 16" tall with 15 points of articulation. Each is a LE 200 with a retail price of $159.95. The description on the MA website goes like this:
16”, African-American NeoCissy, with 15 points of articulation, has brown eyes, cropped, black flocked hair and silver nails, She wears an off-white corselet combined with a skirt that features three layers of gathered white netting that have a white flocked, polka dot detail. Her look is finished by silver rhinestone earrings, dark brown tights, hot pink vinyl, lace-up, platform shoes and a hand shaped hat, of black and white houndstooth trimmed with black soutache.
I adore the hat!

Bon Bon is one of three Neo Cissy dolls which will be available this fall. Another is "L'Enfant Terrible,"

 "16”, NeoCissy, with 15 points of articulation, has green eyes, bright red hair worn in a side-parted ponytail and, black nails. She’s dressed in a bra-top bodice that has a black fishnet neckline and sleeves combined with a black mini- skirt. Her look is finished with silver rhinestone earrings, black undies with attached garters and black stockings, bright green open-toed booties with platform heels and a black feathered eye patch, trimmed with jet caviar beads."
I couldn't find a Jason design with similarities to L'Enfant Terrible. He's done many bubble-type minis so I'll keep looking. Perhaps a representative from the company (who may be reading this) will send me a link to an image that relates to this doll's fashion. Anonymous is fine. ;-)

and last "Blu Belle."

"16”, NeoCissy, with 15 points of articulation, blue eyes, a side-parted blue Afro and black nails, wears a black taffeta, dropped waist, mini dress. The bodice has a peach ribbon detail, stitched to look like a corset and, an overlay of ruched, black net with white, flocked, polka dots. The same net also trims the pleated skirt. Her look is finished by nude pantyhose, orange vinyl, platform sandals with orange suede rosettes, silver rhinestone stud earrings and a lacy black eye mask that comes with sticky dots to adhere the mask to the face."

 Similar enough!

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  1. Too bad they could not send you samples. A good review and detailed photos from a respected blogger/photographer would have been priceless PR.