Tonner's Alice in Wonderland Collection

This pale, lovely vision in white is "Mirana" The White Queen who was played by Anne Hathaway in the movie. The retail price is $189.99 with an edition # of 1000.
16" Tyler BW Body w/ Unique Pale Skintone
Anne Hathaway is a vision of beauty as MIRANA - THE WHITE QUEEN. Her likeness is exquisitely captured in this breathtaking TCF™ which arrives wearing a frothy white confection sprinkled with silver snowflakes and trimmed with glittering mesh and silky ribbon. The dress is accented with a glittering chiffon apron and downy chiffon bow in the back. Around her neck, she wears a shimmering necklace of rhinestones, trimmed with net ruffles. Pantyhose and white faux leather boots also included.

This is Iracebeth, The Red Queen. She's got a huge head on a Tyler BW body. The retail price is $199.99 with an edition # of 1000.
16" Tyler BW Body w/ Blue Eyes and Unique Pale Skintone
"Off with their heads!" Helena Bonham Carter's breathes extraordinary life into IRACEBETH, the vile RED QUEEN. This phenomenal TCF™ captures her unique likeness, and comes clad in rich gown with a soft, flocked bodice, gleaming stomacher with contrast stitching, high standing collar, slim lamé sleeves with ruched overlay and ribbon trim, a decadent brocade skirt with custom heart embroidery on the front inset panel, full petticoat, custom printed card suit tights, lace-up faux leather gold boots with black lace overlay, and jeweled crown.
After a very long wait for approval, the likeness of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter doll has been approved and is now available for purchase. The doll retails for $224.99. Edition size is 500.
The amount and quality of detail is tremendous. Here is Tonner's description:
17" Matt Body w/ Green Eyes and Unique Pale Skintone
TARRANT is the quintessential MAD HATTER! Brought to life by none-other-than Johnny Depp, TARRANT - THE MAD HATTER features an extraordinary likeness of the film's most ludicrous character, and showcases one of Tonner's most incredibly detailed costumes to date. He arrives wearing a soft cotton dickie under a custom printed vest with a smattering of gold buttons, custom printed neck scarf, twill trousers with custom embroidery and lace trim, and miss-matched socks under faux leather lace-up boots. The MAD HATTER's jacket is every bit as detailed with a safety pin attached with multi-colored ribbon streamers, lace trimmings around the cuffs, lace-up draping in the back, custom bird embroidery, and bandolier comprised of resin spools of thread with a fine chain. Of course, his ensemble wouldn't be complete without his signature top hat with flowing sash, jeweled hat pins, and 10/6 tag.

Tarrant - The Mad Hatter

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  1. I think they Mad Hatter should have been the same edition size as the girls. He seems like an easier sell.