Gene Marshall 'Silhouette' & 'Return to Hollywood' Collections

"Our [Gene Marshall] Basics collection this season is about the phenomenon of a single silhouette representing a decade's ten years of fashion. It is an overview, a valentine to each period's most memorable and ultimately democratic statement of style."

When Mel Odom said that these five were the basic or close-up dolls, I couldn't believe it. I have the feeling that Mel was given carte blanche for the first time since he is with Integrity. This collection and the deluxe dressed dolls in the Gene line show planning, creative talent, great design and a feel for period costuming. If one compares the previous three years of Gene to this collection it is apparent that there's something (or someone) else at play. Gene collectors are so excited by this turn of events. They are saying things like, "Gene is back." I know there is a lot of chatter and happiness on the doll boards about the collection. It's all good.

The basic dolls retail for $99. and are limited to 300 of each doll.

Congratulations to Mel Odom on a winning and cohesive collection.

The following photographs are courtesy Integrity Toys.

Silhouette of the 1920s:
Essentially Madra Lord
® Doll

Silhouette of the 1930s:
Essentially Zita Charles™
Silhouette of the 1940s:
Essentially Gene Marshall
Silhouette of the 1950s:
Essentially Ivy "Vee J." Jordan® Doll
Silhouette of the 1960s:
Essentially Violet Waters® Doll

"'Return to Hollywood' is not just a travel direction, but also the source of inspiration for this year's dolls. Join Gene and her lady friends as they leave their various getaway spots and head back to Hollywood and the glamorous business of being movie stars. This season's collection features a series of Star looks guaranteed to steal the spotlight and remind us mere mortals why we love the movies so much."

Evening Encore:
Gene Marshall® Dressed Doll

Madra Lord® Dressed Doll
Gene Marshall® Dressed Doll
Blue Parasol:
Gene Marshall® Dressed Doll
Liquorice Crush:
Madra Lord® Dressed Doll
Wrap Party:
Zita Charles™ Dressed Doll
Sunset Serenade
Violet Waters® Dressed Doll
Glammed Up:
Ivy "Vee J." Jordan® Dressed Doll
The deluxe dressed dolls range in price from $119. to $160. and are limited editions of 200 or 250 depending on the doll.


  1. Hi Terri, I am enjoying your blog. I love the new Gene line, it is good to see her back.

  2. Hi Terri, I love your blog!

  3. The new line is outstanding. My favorite was Liquorice Crush and I was informed after I placed my order that it was the last one they had available.

  4. It seems that Violet Waters is just an afterthought in these collections.
    In silhouettes, her dress has no imagination whatever and that orange dress is horrible!!
    Is Mel looking for an excuse to discountinue her?

  5. How can you join the gene doll club?

  6. Anonymous: There is no longer a Gene Club. There is only the W Club. The Gene Marshall line is over.