Entry Level Collectibles? It's Playline.

What's another way to say "entry level collectibles?"
Toys? Fixer uppers? Plastic? Pink Label?
I wasn't even going to include this line in my reviews because I don't think it merits a second glance from serious collectors. This is not to say that they are not pretty because they are. There is certainly a market for this type of doll but don't give it a label like collectible. It's PLAYLINE and it should be called playline.
"A perfect introduction to the Integrity Toys style!" OMG. It's practically insulting. I'd love to know who wrote this concept stuff.

Here are Integrity Toys' pictures of the dolls:

Mattel's Top Models came with accessories. The Top Model giftsets came with extra outfits. Where is the jewelry, the handbags, the extras? At $25. per doll for non-articulated bodies and underwhelming Mattel-like fashions, they are over-priced.

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