The AvantGuards, Integrity Toy's Gold Mine.

I can't express how surprised and pleased I am with this round of AvantGuard dolls—Aphrodisiac, Androgyny and Goldmine. I originally thought that Aphrodisiac and Goldmine were too edgy for me, but seeing them in person has proven to be just what I needed to become an AvantGuard devotee´. They are much more beautiful than the promotional photos show.

At the W Event, Aphrodisiac and Androgyny were shown out of the direct light of the display lamps that turned everything yellow.

An Aphrodisiac is a substance which is used in the belief that it increases sexual desire. The name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensuality. I'm still not sure about the raccoon eyes.

Androgyny is a term derived from a combination of Greek words meaning man and woman. In fashion statements it refers to the mixing of masculine and feminine characteristics. This gal is the tame note of the collection.

The term Goldmine needs no definition. It conjures up images of dust covered men with pick axes and head lamps, carts with wheels on a track filled with rocks, panning, metal detecting and sluicing.
No, Goldmine is not dust covered. She is wearing a dress thickly embellished with coins. She's fabulous. Pictures of her are forthcoming.

The AvantGuard dolls retail for $220. each. Goldmine was $239 and is not available from dealers as she was the optional purchase W Event doll. They come with one extra pair of flat feet with articulated toes and one extra pair of hands with articulation. Each doll comes with a wig and a doll stand. Goldmine's edition size is 400 and the others have an edition size of 500 each.

Gold digger? That's something else entirely.



  1. Hello there,

    I am completely at a loss as to how this blogging works, so forgive me if this post reaches the wrong address.

    Anyway, I've pre-ordered an Androgyny doll in Australia (as European sellers are incredible).

    Three weeks later my credit card has been tampered with and I would just like to know if this has happened to anybody else as well.

    I am no longer a member of the WClub, where it would have been easier to ask around, but maybe you, Mrs Gold, still have access there and may have heard about similar strange bookings of Australian Dollars on credit card accounts.

    Hopefully not, but I would like to know about this anyway.

    This whole affair was so annyoing that sharing this experience acutally does make me feel better.

    Best regards

    Petra Becker

  2. Petra: I am sorry this happened to you. The first thing you must do is call your credit card company and then contact the doll dealer. I haven't seen a post about this happening anywhere on any board. I'm sure it would have been posted. I recently ordered from Australia but I used Paypal and you might want to think about doing that in the future. You can still use your credit card and no dealer or any seller will have access to your information.
    I hope this works out for you.

  3. Hi Terri,
    I love your site - v. elegant.

    I too have ordered an Aphrodisiac doll. I love the make-up, the look for me is
    pure glam, very BIBA 70's; that's the reason I have decided to buy her.

    This is the first time I have been tempted to buy a doll that's so expensive.
    But as well as the look, the articulation, pose-abilty is a combination
    I just could not resist.

    But at some stage so I can experiment with other looks, where would
    you recommend as a good place to look for good doll wigs with a good fit for
    this doll.

    Best wishes

  4. Diana: Congrats on your purchase of an Aphrodisiac. She taks a little getting used to but you won't be sorry. I buy many wigs from Facets by Marcia. My Favourite Doll in Canada has some very nice wigs and the owner is an angel! Be careful buying on eBay because some sellers manipulate the sizes and you can get the wrong size wigs.
    Good luck.