Fashion Royalty Future.Perfect Collection

The Close-up Doll Collection is neither more or nor less than expected. Two dolls are wearing the same black fashion and two are wearing white. The boots are in different colors and are very cool.

The images in this post with the exception of Ginza Kyori are courtesy of Integrity Toys.

One of the new characters makes her appearance as Bionica Jordan. Could she be related to Michael? He's pretty bionic himself.

Heat Seeker Natalia is also in white:

Future Bound Luchia is dressed in black:

Vanessa is also in black....including her lips. Actually her lips have a blackish blue appearance. I think she might have fallen in spite of the fact that she is called Aerodynamic. Must have been an experiment gone awry.

The close-up dolls come with three sets of removable hands, one of which is painted to resemble the wearing of fingerless gloves. They are a limited edition of 1200 each and retail for $79.00.

The Premium Dressed Doll Collection is tiny. There are only three dolls, two of which are the same new character who uses the second Lana Turner sculpt Her name is Dania Zarr.
In this IT image she looks more like Kyori and reminds me of Ginza.
Retail Price $135.00 LE 1000

Picture above is not part of this line. It is a picture of Ginza Kyori.

The other Dania is called Exclusive Interview Dania Zarr:
Retail Price $99.00 LE 1000

The third doll is called Flight Pattern Kyori Sato:
Price $99.00 LE 1000

Apparently the Fashion Royalty collection has taken a big hit in favor of less sophisticated "concept" dolls. Perhaps the sad state of the worldwide economy is partly to blame. People are buying less expensive items and budgeting their money more carefully.

Collectors are saying that they don't see Jason Wu in this collection. I don't really know what the answer is but what's missing from these concept dolls is made up, for me, by the fabulous AvantGuard and the Gene Collection Dolls.

I have many beloved Fashion Royalty dolls to play with. It's time to savor these dolls instead of crowding them out with more just because there are more to be had.

In these reviews of the new dolls, I've made many critical remarks but I recognize the fact that Integrity Toys is providing dolls to a very broad range of tastes and pocketbooks. For the last two years, Fashion Royalty collectors have been complaining about too many dolls coming at us too quickly. We got exactly what we asked for.


  1. I have yet to see any change in the economy. The AGs, who are the most expensive, are sold out EVERYWHERE. Obviously people still have money to blow on dolls.

  2. Thanks, Terri, for such informative and insightful reviews of the Integrity collection. I enjoyed reading them.


  3. I kind of feel the same as you, and the only doll i like, is Agnes.. but i don´t think i will get her.. so i picked up the second best, for me.. is Dania the red one.

    Which one do u think, have the best "face", on this collection?

  4. Ghost: In the entire collection the AvantGuards have the most beautiful faces. In the Fashion Royalty dolls, my favorite is and always will be Vanessa but she will need her lip color repainted.

  5. From FR I got Jordan, the Red Daria and Tkeo (just cause he has different hair than my other Takeo, I wanted a rooted one too, plus the jacket is gorgeous). Also getting the club doll - which is the best looking of them all- and that's it.

  6. Stratos:
    I'm getting the Club Doll, too. I never consider them as part of the regular line but you are right. She is the best-looking of them all.