The Dynamite Girls- ElectroPop Collection

As if some of us weren't confused enough already, Integrity has gone and divided it's products into conceptual categories. The following comes off as high falutin' marketing-speak. Puh-leese. Keep this kind of stuff where it belongs - in the boardroom.

The Dynamite Girls are in the concept category called POP.
"Concept: Mid-level collectible category consisting of pop culture-centric brands such as the Dynamite Girls and modern celebrities.
Era: MOD, modern, urban, funky.
Fashion Style: Slightly more elaborate outfits."

More elaborate than what?

Here is the text from Integrity Toys describing the new Dynamite Girl dolls:
"A new and slightly more sophisticated take on clingy fabrics, layering, shocking candy colors and fun accessories that personified the 1980s acts as a base for the 2009 ElectroPop collection from the Dynamite Girls. These 12 inch tall vinyl cuties have removable hands for easy re-dressing! As an added bonus, the ElectroPop Collection introduces a cool new feature for the Dynamite Girls: 3-D reusable packaging! Now you'll be able to display your dolls like never before and reduce waste by re-using these colorful packages and quickly turn them into mini recording studio dioramas! Instructions and extra parts are included with each doll for easy assembly. Each doll is done in a limited edition of 1000 pieces."
Getting past the hype we find an adorable collection of five articulated dolls in cotton candy colors.
This stuff is eye candy! Images of the Dynamite Girls are Courtesy of Integrity Toys.



Rufus Blue:



David Buttry must be a fan of the TV series "Big Love." Jasper could easily play the part of Rhonda Volmer.

Dolls retail at $45. each and are due in mid-March through mid-April.
By the way, if you're in the mood for some Fundamentalist crafts and fashions (and who wouldn't be?) check out this site:

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