Review and Comparison: Sybarite Chandelier

This Sybarite arrived faster than the previous 4. She is the last in this series and I decided to debox this one. I have been asked many times about the differences between resin Sybs and the new ones and now I can answer the questions.

Deboxing was not fun. It reminded me of the process we used to have to go through to get an ordinary Barbie out of a box. Chandelier was attached to the back of the box to within an inch of her life. Clear, flexible plastic was pulled taut around her arms, legs, chest and elsewhere. Finally there was a coated wire which could be accessed only by tearing the back of the box open. Her hair was held in place with thread that was stitched to the box on both sides.
Prior Gen X dolls had loose items inside the boxes; this one did not. However, I dislike this packaging immensely. It feels cheap.

Reminder: clicking on the photos will enlarge them.

I like the fashion and all the bits and bobs included in the ensemble. She comes with a tiara, two 'gold' necklaces, a ring, several thin bangles (not shown.) The outfit consists of a t-shirt which is actually a bodysuit, pantyhose, shoes, handbag, skirt, rhinestone buckled belt and a Chanel-like jacket. It's an interesting mix of sophisticated and bling.

The skirt is too large and sits very low on her hips. I would have liked it better if it were shorter.  I order to remove the crown necklace, one has to open a jump ring. The other chunky necklace fits over her head but be careful not to screw up her hair.

The fabric used for the skirt is beautiful. It's like a miniature upholstery material blinged up with the coppery gold points on the hem. The jacket is very nice but be very cautious about the rhinestone settings catching fabrics and causing pulls.

The belt is adorable. It has two purses which can be slid off if desired so the belt can be used as a conventional one...as if a hot pink belt with a rhinestone buckle is anywhere near conventional.

The fingers are all separate and rings work very well. It arrived attached with a rubber band. What I do to secure rings is put some Elmer's glue on a toothpick and touch the back of the ring's band so the glue also touches the finger. It's easily removable when dried and the ring won't fall off on it's own.

Look at that cute pony! While I'm not a huge fan of hot pink faux fur, the bag is adorable.

The color of her vinyl is sallow. She looks a little sick. In the comparison pictures, you can see it accurately. I think the previous 4 vinyls were a better color but I don't have them here to compare and I never deboxed them to take pictures.
The dolls are very close in size but not shape. Gen X has an incredibly high arch. The shape of her breasts are different and possibly larger.
The sculpt has changed somewhat and I think the original is prettier.
Chandelier weighs 18 ounces (1 lb. 2 oz.); my resin girl weighs 21 ounces (1 lb. 5 oz.) I was surprised at Chandelier's weight; I thought she'd be lighter.
The vinyl doll sits well with her knees together.

Superdoll's vinyls come with 4 sets of hands and instructions for changing them. They are like the Fashion Royalty hand-speak hands and Tonner's removable hands but these are hard to remove. The brochure suggests warming in hot water for a short period of time. I could not remove the hands on my own.

My biggest pet peeve is a doll stand that doesn't support the doll. This stand is a piece of crap. The wire saddle is too high to allow the dolls feet to rest on the base. If she were wearing platform shoes, it would be fine but she's not. The funny thing is, the stand is adjustable albeit in the wrong direction.  Poor engineering.

Look closely at the saddle part. There's a raw end of wire ready to snag pantyhose or scratch the body.  Of course I know that I can coat that on my own with something to protect my doll and her clothes but why should I have to?

The parts of the outfit I tried out fit my resin Syb, including the shoes. No, she will not be wearing the crown. 
I want to shorten the skirt!

Bottom line:
The first three Gen X dolls were the nicest ones of all. Superdoll needs to up their packaging and engineering


  1. I do not collect these, but this one is pretty!!! Guess I fall for the bling... :)

  2. Thanks so much for doing this post! I've not been able to get any of the vinyl Sybs, and am kicking myself about missing the sale they had on the "seasons" resins, so live vicariously through your posts about them. I hope they do another vinyl Sybs line, with slightly less "glam arch" makeup themes, as I would like to get one.

  3. Thank you for the comparison! :) The GenX is a nice looking body (those hips!), except I'm not crazy about the line of her neck—the width at the base compared to the narrowness where her head attaches... what's up with that?

    Her outfit really is super cute, and that purse is perfect. :)

    You know, I made a (non-adjustable) stand like that for one of my Sybs who didn't come to me with hers -- I took some solder wire, a Tonner stand base, and made the saddle just like that. (Filed down the raw end, though!) I can't imagine the plastic saddles cost *that* much to manufacture... do they? :/