Sandra Stillwell Presents: Convention Wrap-Up

The fashions from Sandra's recent "Bellissima Italian Style" convention held in Chattanooga, TN is now cataloged on her website with pictures and prices along with a description of the activities from the event.

There are 49 fashions if I counted correctly. Several are available in multiple color ways.  There are 4 wigs to pre-order. I know three of them are made by Ilaria but I'm not sure about the 4th.  They're all being sold for $90., including the last one which does not look like a hard cap wig.
It has been confirmed that all the wigs are made by Ilaria. 

My favorite fashions are
"Pucci Capri Breeze" @ $140.

"Visconti" @ $175.
and "Luminoso" @ $160.

All the fashions and wigs are created to fit the Gene Marshall body, vinyl or resin. In some cases, of course, the fashions will fit other similarly sized dolls.

You can see all the fashions available to buy now and to pre-order at Sandra's site:

All of the photos were taken by Joan Greene. 
I have taken the liberty of brightening and sharpening a bit.


  1. The Crashing Waves maxi-dress reminds me so much of photos of my grandmother around 1970, it's just terrific. I may need to rearrange my budget for the coming month, for the Florence braided bouffant wig if nothing else.

  2. I am guessing the outfits include the shoes...?
    So many beautiful outfits.

  3. The teaser you posted here makes me want to check out the line. Thank you for posting it!