tokidoki® Treasure Hunt! Find the Platinum Label® Dolls

Tempting, but I am no match for the thousands of insanely driven Barbie collectors who are also tempted and determined.  Here is the information released by Mattel today:

Your search for the hidden sale page for Platinum Label® tokidoki® Barbie® Doll at The BarbieCollection.com begins 9/1! Here’s what you need to know about the tokidoki Treasure Hunt.
In case you haven’t heard the hot-off-the-presses story, it’s tokidoki’s 10th anniversary! To celebrate the occasion, tokidoki partnered with Barbie® Collector to create not one, but two new dolls. Designer Bill Greening collaborated with the tokidoki team to bring the glamour of Barbie and the wit and whimsy of tokidoki together again on this momentous occasion.

The Black Label® version of the doll will be easy to find, while supplies last – the last tokidoki® Barbie Doll was one of the hottest sellers of 2011 – but the Platinum Label® version will be much harder to find. Some will be mixed in with shipments of the Black Label® doll to select retail outlets, and some will be available in the online shop beginning on 9/1 at 9am PT.
Two webpages, somewhere on TheBarbieCollection.com, will have a picture of the tokidoki Cactus Friend that comes with the Platinum Label doll:

When you find the Cactus Friend, click on it to be taken straight to the hidden shop page for the Platinum Label tokidoki Barbie Doll.

What webpages will they be, you might ask? Since it’s a Treasure Hunt, we can give you a hint … one single paragraph in this very news story has the answer to which two webpages will have the Cactus Friend on them! It’ll be smaller than the example you see in this news story, but it will be up high, and not in any of the headers, footers, or sidebars of the site.
Good luck with the Hunt, and don’t forget to pick up the Black Label version of tokidoki Barbie Doll as fast as you can!

Please note: The tokidoki doll sale will be managed by our new “Waiting Room” process, whereby you may be placed in a Waiting Room before you’re sent into the shop.
This process is designed to create a more efficient and stable shopping experience for high-demand items, and is part of the new website platform for TheBarbieCollection.com. Once you’re in the Waiting Room, don’t refresh the page or navigate away from it! Doing so will remove you from the Waiting Room, and you’ll have to re-enter and start the process all over again.
Be sure to follow the Waiting Room instructions carefully to ensure your best opportunity to buy the items you want!


  1. Oh.....pass. I'm waiting for the articulated Claudette Gordon Barbie!!! If only they'd do this with Silkstones. SHE is gorgeous!!!

    1. I think the Claudette is lovely but I probably won't get either one. I lose interest quickly in any Barbie that's not a Silkstone.

  2. She's cute, but not exactly my style if those are tats on her. I'll leave the hunt up to people who are really into her. :-)