Review: "Hot Shot" Nigel North

Nigel North arrived today. He is the second 2015 male doll I ordered this year. The other one was Vice Effect Ollie Lawson. I'm not disappointed with Nigel but he does need some work on his coiffure and the pants have to go.

I'm not a fan of faux velvet on 12" dolls. The fabric is too bulky and just doesn't lay correctly. I think I'd like white pants with this outfit. There is so much color that between the gorgeous jacket and the shirt a neutral or no-color slack would look better. Destroyed jeans would look good, too.

On the topic of faux velvet, I don't like it on any doll because it shows every piece of dust and lint in a photograph.

Nigel's shirt is very form fitting and I was surprised to find that the sleeves are sewn shut at the cuff! I wanted to press the shirt when I pressed the jacket and slacks but I wasn't going to open the stitching when I was just going to redress him right away. I've never come across that on any IT doll. Of course it makes for less bulk but still...

I planned to show him with his jacket closed but it's too tight and the fabric bunches and pulls a bit. The hooks can be moved, of course, to make it fit better. 

In the promo, above, the jacket looks perfectly fitted. His hair is shoulder length. Below is how it arrived...very weird. I'm sure that in order to drop that flipped up part, I'm going to have to dunk it into boiled water. His hair is the biggest disappointment with this doll.

 I love the sculpt. He would look good with straight hair in a pony tail. Looks like I have a little work to do.

I wonder if adding eyelashes, painted or applied, to the guy dolls would improve their somewhat bland faces.

Nigel comes with a little metal SLR that can be attached to his clutching hand with a clear rubberband. His ring has a purple stone and his sunglasses have purple lenses - no surprise there.

The bottom line: Nigel was $120. which is the same price as the rest of the Poppy Parker line. It's rapidly creeping upward.
He's a LE of 600.

Anyone wanna buy a pair of purple velvet pants?


  1. Doesn't he have handspeak? If he does, can't you just take out his hands to remove the shirt?

    1. That's what happens when you get old and senile. You forget these things. :-) Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I would love to see another photo of him once you fix his hair. It really is awful with the giant wiener roll at the bottom.

    1. LOL. Your giant wiener roll made me laugh.

  3. Well that's helpful. I don't collect a lot at this scale, but I really loved the prototype images from earlier in the year, most especially the hair. He was like David Bailey mod figure come to life! And then he has bus hair, like all the kind elderly ladies I would see on the city bus as a kid with their elaborate hair smooshed by the summer humidity and the seat headrest.

    You're doing god's work with these reviews, Terri, I appreciate the heck out of it.

  4. You might be interested in this. I just saw a photo of Nigel with his hair straightened. When I receive my doll, I'm going to straighten his hair and cut it to shoulder length ( based on the photo I saw). It was posted on Flickr by Fashion Royalty & Barbie doll Collector.

    1. Where did you see the photo? Please send the link.

    2. Sorry, I just saw this now. I'm not computer savvy. If you want to see what I did with his hair, please check out my makeover at Flickr ...Jane Reeds or Diamonds 'n Pearls