From Kingdom Doll: Two Outfits with Accessories

These two adorable, casual outfits will go on sale on Friday, September 4, 2015 at 6PM Britain Time.
That's 1:00 PM here on the East Coast of the US.
The blue "Bobby" comes with sweater, jeans, boots, handbag and water bottle, compact and lipstick replicas. $185. US
The red "The Guard" comes with another cute sweater, denim short skirt, boots, handbag and the same accessories as Bobby. $175. US

I'm going to get Bobby as I will have more use for the jeans than the short skirt. I'd like both pairs of boots but a girl can't have everything.

Link to Kingdom Doll store


  1. I was thrilled to have scored the Bobby outfit too! I like the Guard sweater, but the skirt really doesn't do much for me. Now if If that outfit had come with a jacket too... ;) I do have to give props to KD on their props! The handbags both look great, and the addition of a bottle of Evian, along with some makeup are perfect! :)

  2. Absolutely agree that a jacket would have been a welcome addition. The brown sweater is my favorite between the two, and wish it had been paired with the jeans. The sweater that comes with the jean set doesn't pop. This is actually my first purchase directly from KD, so I'm excited about that. Doesn't take much, does it? Take my money, please! ;-)

  3. Those jeans are gorgeous-