Two Great Deals at Tonner Doll and the Demise of Tiny Kitty

If you're on the Tonner Doll mailing list, you are used to the constant barrage of sales week after week. It seems to me that the prices don't really move much. Today I thought I'd give it a glance and IMO there are two excellent deals .

This is "Classical." She is a 16" doll with the Tyler head sculpt in a cameo skin tone. She comes with changeable feet - ballerina and high heel. That makes her incredibly useful. Any dressed Tyler doll for $50. is a great deal because the Tyler BW replacement bodies themselves go for $39 apiece.

I never collected Tonner's Ballet series. although I've loved most every one of them.  I don't see them as 'play-with-me' dolls. I visualize them being displayed on a stage, permanently doing their ballerina thing.


The next is a doll that I purchased when she first went on sale a long time ago. The price I paid was way higher than the current $75.00 which is incredibly ridiculous considering that she was first offered for $229.99.  Is there a lesson here on the markup of these dolls?

This is "Glamorous #75" from the Theatre De La Mode collection.
Sadly the photograph is awful and does her no justice which may be a contributing factor to her unpopularity.
This Gina is a beautiful doll using the Antoinette body.  The dress is lovely. The shoes do nothing for the fashion but are useful never-the-less. It's a very good buy!


On another topic...
Poor Tiny Kitty. They can't seem to get rid of her this time around. No wonder. The outfits were designed with such a heavy hand it looks as though they were meant for a larger doll. It also looks as though they've made her head bigger.
If you're going to bring back a popular doll, why would you enlarge her head? It's not cuter. It doesn't fit. And what's with the strange lower lashes?

This has to be one of the worst outfits and hairstyles ever:
Most collectors do not want glitter covered dresses:

Sweet little Kitty of the past has flown the coop.

Has another company you collect ever brought back a doll with changes that you don't like?


  1. Where does one find a BW replacement body for $39?

    1. Call the Tonner Store.
      Tonner Company Store
      301 Wall St
      Kingston, NY 12401

  2. Seriously considered the Tyler ballet doll. Not a ballet collector (except there were a few GWTW Emilies where I fell in love with the face paints). I could do so much with that dress!!!!

    Bought the Daphnes on major sales. Wished TDLM continued with Tyler, but at this point, not certain where the Tyler line is in the scheme of things at Tonner.

    1. I loved TDLM so much. At one time I had all of them though not all at the same time. :-)
      I don't think Tyler will ever go away but I sure hope Tonner updates her body, keeping the size the same but fixing the joints. That would be wonderful.
      Will we see you in Chicago?

  3. I haven't posted here before, so I apologize if I am being somehow obnoxious by doing so. It helps to get the "culture" of a particular blog before one posts, but I found the content here absorbing on a quiet Saturday night and felt I should ask a question anyway.

    In regard to the Tiny Kitty doll, is it possible they simply used an older, worn mold, or recast a new mold from an existing doll and reworked it to save money, and that is why the head is bigger? I don't know the Tonner Company's practices that well, so I wonder if that is why the head is larger, and not necessarily because they specifically designed it to be.

    1. Hi
      Those are all great questions. I don't have the answers. It could also be the way the face is painted or the hairstyle.
      Thanks for your input.

  4. I do wonder what they were thinking with those bottom lashes on the new Tiny Kitty... just weird.

  5. Let me offer some words in defense of poor Tiny Kitty. :-) The lower lashes are really quite faint, and they aren't particularly noticeable. Even up close, such as when I'm dressing her, I don't mind them. The blonde hair is a wig, so it can be replaced (if it is the same as mine), though I actually like it. Some of her fashions do have a heavy feel to them, which I don't quite get. Right now, mine is dressed in Mod Pink Flowers in anticipation of spring. For that outfit, though, the large bow at the neck is really too much. I need to remove it; right now it is just pinned back.

    I haven't purchased any TDLM dolls yet, but I did just pick up a Basic Gina. Her face is one of my favorites from Tonner. She has cheekbones! I would have preferred her in a Tyler body as I have many more clothes from that line than the Antoinette/Cami/Jon/Precarious lines, but I'm on the lookout for more now that I have her and some wigged Cami dolls with inset eyes. Too bad more of these dolls don't have inset eyes, which add so much to their look.