The New Jamieshow Trent Debuts

Gene collectors rejoiced when Jamieshow Doll announced a resin version of Trent Osborn, a fictional mid-20th Century movie star and the one and only male doll in the Gene Marshall line. The last new Trent dolls were offered at the final Gene Convention held by Integrity Toys in Philadelphia in 2010. All the dolls were identical in sculpt and body to Mel's original Trent which was produced by Ashton-Drake.
Backstory From Ashton Drake Publicity: The 20th century had just made its debut - and soon after, one of Hollywood's favorite leading men, Trent Osborn, made his debut - in a Philadelphia maternity ward.
Born Theodore O'Bannion, young "Teddy" was quite the little neighborhood Romeo, stealing kisses from beneath the playground Pollyannas' pipe curls. He also always had a flair for the dramatic, prodding his playmates into staging elaborate pirate adventures on the bounding waters of the ponds in Philly's most prestigious parks - much to the chagrin of the local police force!
After graduating from high school, he longed for adventure, even working as a truck driver to escape the city limits. But soon he discovered the local theater groups, where he was quickly spotted by a casting director for the Theatre Guild and whisked off to The Great White Way. His refined good looks, coupled with a certain aura of reckless abandon, brought him role upon role - and the attentions and intentions of an army of beautiful young actresses and debutantes.
After playing the gamut of juvenile roles on Broadway, Teddy, now known as Trent Osborn to the New York theater goers, was brought to Hollywood in 1935. A mainstay at Monolithic Studios, he appeared in scores of films, and his most frequent leading ladies included such glamorous stars as Gene Marshall and Madra Lord.
As flamboyant a figure in Hollywood nightlife as he was on the screen, Trent Osborn broke countless hearts. But when he turned on those bedroom eyes, everyone from starlet to seasoned veteran melted at a glance.

To my eyes, the original Trent was a Mel Odom illustration produced in 3 dimensions, a drawing come to life.

Formal Introduction 2001
Despite being a great looking male doll, his joints and posing abilities were very limited. Jamieshow has solved that problem!

The new Trent called "A Double Life," is a resin ball-jointed doll with 15 points of articulation. He can wear all of Trent's prior wardrobe. Like other Jamieshow dolls, he came with a removable wig cap. This doll came with two molded wig caps in addition to the smooth one.

He is sold out at this time but here is the Jamieshow Link to read more about him.

My dear friend, Rita, has allowed her Trent to visit for a photo shoot.

There's no question that he looks different in many ways.  Jamieshow captured the essence of Trent and made him better looking! My blonde Trent is "Skiing or She-ing?"

In the photo below,  Double Life Trent is standing on his own. He is wearing "Tennis, Anyone?" an outfit designed by Vince Nowell, produced by Ashton Drake in 2001.

Under the clothes, there are differences as well.

As you can see, my vinyl Trent has changed colors, although that may not be what you're concentrating on.

Shall we give him a bit of privacy?


  1. JamieShow definitely made Trent look more lifelike. Thank goodness they got rid of that AWFUL neck!
    This Trent is an improvement of the original. Hope they come out with another at some point.

  2. Wow! He certainly looks way more...realistic...from head to toe than the original doll! That awkward-looking neck was taken care of, as was that discolored plastic!

    I have no idea why that unfortunate problem occurs with the Gene dolls. Do they only discolor if they're stored poorly, or do super minty dolls discolor, too? If they do, then a whole lot of people got screwed badly when they thought that their dolls were going to age somewhat gracefully.

    1. The yellowing problem has happened under all conditions. Yes, many people have been affected.