My New Sad Sally

Looking back at last year's posts, I see that I wished to have a Sad Sally. My wish came true when Wilde Imagination had a really great sale at the end of January, 2015.

She is called "Who Did My Hair." She is standing in the window seat of the AG parlor.

She is adorable and I love this little 7" resin BJD. She loves the Rudettes and they are her new best friends.

She poses below in a hand-knitted Lati White sweater I bought on Etsy and a crazy, multi-colored wig from Facets by Marcia. The wig's bangs had to be trimmed.

The posing isn't great, neither is it terrible. She could use wiring.

Isn't she cute?


  1. Thinking of buying one of these but am frustrated with posing my Amelia Thimble and Resin Ellowyne. You said the posing isn't terrible--could you give a little more detail? She looks top-heavy, with that big head. Also, you said you dressed her in Lati White clothes--is that the same size as a PukiPuki?

    1. She is to heavy. I sold her a long time ago. Lati White is a bit larger than PukiPuki.