Sybeau Monde is Permanently Closed

At first we were thought the site was being updated. Now we know.

I have my theories as to why this happened but I won't post it here. What I will post is my belief that having one person in control of an entire board with an active, successful membership is a very bad idea. Laura (Lady L) did a good job organizing and running SybMonde. There was a wealth of information in the FYI section and I'm looking forward to seeing it up again.

The good news is that there is a new board for Sybarite fans and it's in great hands.
It's called syb-O-MANIA.
The site is still being worked on and features are being added.

I'm thrilled that members will be permitted to post Sybarites wearing wigs other than Superdoll wigs. We're even going to be able to post Sybs in other fashions. On SM as members were not allowed to post anything but pure Syb.


  1. I agree it is such a shame about Sybeaonde. As well as the FYI section I hope all the info and advice sections can be saved. I found them invaluable. However I must say I am pleased with Sybomania so far :)

  2. Intrigued by the new board! I tried registering- but it resulted in an error- so maybe they are still working on it (probably)

    I am surprised that other site had such a restrictive rule- I am fairly new to the hobby, but it seems like the people who collect resin fashion dolls (and other fashion dolls) like swapping wigs/cloths/commissions/OOAK outfits quite a lot. Most of my dolls don't spend much time in their original stuff before trying on all of the other available wigs/shoes/dresses...

    1. Hope you were able to get in.

    2. I did, thanks! The administrator is very nice and helpful. I think they have ironed things out by now :)

  3. Hi Terri,

    SM is no more, and it is pointless in many ways to address some of the misapprehensions expressed in your post and in Galcticat's comments. All the same, it seems right to make some remarks before we "close the book" on SM.

    SM was never meant to be the only Sybarite forum, we represented a certain point of view about collecting only. It is unfortunate that some of the other Syb boards that people had, like Slaves and FBR Group, died off. I hope that in time there will be a lot more Syb forums. There is at least one active Syb groups on Facebook, and a host of others on Flickr.

    But for what it's worth, we had a specialist collectors' forum, as there are indeed lots of people out there who cant understand why someone would pay over $800 for a beautiful doll and rip off her wig, whatever the brand.

    Superdoll does make a few dolls whose wigs were removable or who had no wig at all for the rest of you. The wigs on the rest of the dolls are glued on as tightly as possible with lots of glue because they are not meant to be removed.

    I did want to answer this comment too :
    "What I will post is my belief that having one person in control of an entire board with an active, successful membership is a very bad idea."

    Most web sites have a single Admin. account which is usually held by the site's owner (the person who pays for it). The password for this account can be shared of course, as was the case for SM. So actually all of us held the plug, so to speak.

    This is true of Prego, Dolly Daily, Doll Observer (wholly owned by SImon Farnworth) and other sites. John's new site (John was one of our mods on SM, incidentally) has a single administrator and as of now no other moderators share the account.

    It is just how websites work.

    I'm really glad Sybomania is working out well. We now have an even stronger team: Dollster's new forum, me keeping up the FYI and Andrew and Karin organizing wonderful events in the US -- a separation of efforts that will utilize the talents of each of us in the best possible way.

    Hope this helps,

    1. Is the reason SM closed because you don't believe the vinyl dolls are in the same class as the resin?

    2. They are not in the same range, but that doesn't mean they are less enjoyable or collectible just a different line of dolls. They have been h huge hit with the Syb collectors and will appeal to a more casual collector as well, to people who do not specialize in Sybarites only