Coming Soon From Kingdom Doll: Brunel

The next gorgeous doll from Kingdom is soon to be released.

The announcement:
We would like to officially introduce you all to Brunel the last doll to use the Novantae head sculpt. This is just a sneak peek at our NEW KD girl all her information will be coming in the next few weeks. So many of you have fallen in love with Novantae this year and you are probably wondering why we are retiring her after only four dolls. This head sculpt was only ever intended to represent the four seasons, Brunel representing Autumn/Fall.
Do not worry as Kingdom Doll is only getting started, with many plans already underway to delight you moving forward into the future!


  1. Wow, she is spectacular!

  2. If she was 12" I would buy her no doubt.

  3. She is really beautiful- she isn't as goth as I was hoping for, but without a doubt, gorgeous.

    1. You never know what KD has coming in the future. With a successful first year as they've had, we can expect many good things.

    2. Actually, the newest photos do her a lot of justice, I didn't realize that the top was such an amazing long piece- and the pants are pretty cool too- and so are the shoes! Pretty excited for this girl now...