Tonner's Sindy Collection

Many were once wild about the original Sindy doll. That would be back in 1963 when Pedigree Dolls and Toys created her. She was a best-selling toy in the UK at the end of the 60's. Throughout the end of the 20th century through to the beginning of the 21st, there were several manufacturers who tried to bring Sindy back to her glory days. Looking back now, the fashions and the accessories were wonderful for the day. She had everything! As a child, I would have loved this doll and all of the goodies. There is a tremendous amount of play value in what I see here.

I've actually had a few pieces of Sindy furniture in my collection, namely the dining room, bedroom, living room and beach lounge. They are perfectly scaled for Fashion Royalty dolls.

Sindy was a wholesome-looking doll compared to most Barbie dolls and there's probably not a parent who boycotted a store due to any of the versions.

There are currently about 4000 listings on eBay under the worldwide search, "Sindy."
                Above, a favorite accessory, hot rollers.  Below, the indispensable stereo record player.

So, why is Robert Tonner doing Sindy? What does he have in mind? I can certainly see where well made furniture and accessories would be a hit with the 1/6 crowd. Tonner's furniture is always a success, well scaled for the doll and a sell out.
But what about the doll herself?

Cute? Check.
Wholesome? Check.
Well-attired? Check.

But why isn't she articulated? She's a reproduction but one can upgrade a reproduction to provide more play value.
This is the "Just Sindy Basic Doll" who is available at Cherished Friends (NJ store) for $59.99. I hate to say this but I can find a similar dolls in Target or Walmart for $19. I'm sure Tonner's Sindy is a fine quality - much better than a $19.99 doll but it's all about perceived value.

This is Sindy Summer Fun Dressed Doll who is also available at Cherished Friends for $84.99.

Are these fashion dolls or toys?  If they are toys, they're priced too high. If they're fashion dolls, I don't know where to go with that one.

I wish them luck.


  1. There is a charm to the stylized painting and fashions of the originals. Making the faces more realistic takes away from that.. and makes them look like a new repaint on an old broke down doll. It would be cool if they could make repros in the vein of the original.

    Leigh in ME

    1. I need an old and a new one next to eachother. It's weird that the older one is so much cuter when, in fact, they are so similar. Is it the shape of the head?

  2. Hi Terri, I agree with your last thought :-). I prefer the vintage Sindy, she was an awesome toy doll with amazing accessories. It would surprise me if Tonner took this line that far!

  3. I don't even remember these dolls maybe a little before my time [but I remember trolls, little kiddles and my MA Wendy types as well as Cissettes] personally, I love the new face and the old one is what it was: a doll of the early 60s. I do 100% agree with you on the articulation! There is not reason to keep with outdated forms of doll bodies and faceups when there is so much better ways for them to look and pose now. Since I'm only going by the pictures here can't really compare as well as someone that had one or has both dolls but I do love the accessory ideas of the original and would love to see a whole line of diorama created like that as it is very cool. It looks like she originally had bending knees but not seeing joints so the original had wire? That was a nightmare in my little kiddles that ended up more or less boneless :( so any new form of jointing would have to be better!

    1. They may have been click joints. I don't know because I've never had one.

  4. These dolls have an enormous amount of genuine charm for me, from what I perceive as the era when a child had a doll that was aspirational to their grown up fantasies without being fetishistic or resembling some form of over-sexualized call girl doll that seems to be marketed to children -- or even the adult collector. It has lovely innocence along the lines of the original Skipper which make me smile. I hope that this a nice success for Tonner and he considers lowering the prices--$60 for a non-articulated doll in a bathing suit is too high, nostalgia or not.

  5. Okay. Should I drive over to the Tonner Store this weekend and inspect one? Don

  6. When I was a boy, I was really envious of the articulated ballerina Sindy that my mother gifted her god-daughter, who was a couple of years younger than me. I used to play a lot with that doll whenever we paid a visit to my mom's god-daughter. The Tonner version is so lame compared to the original.

  7. I have one of these magical dolls as a child and I cannot fathom why Tonner would make a remake of her... she was and is a totally collectible childhood doll and no manufacturer out of England has remade her in any successful form.

  8. I've always liked Tonner dolls and have a small collection but I have to say I was disappointed with my Tonner Sindy Bridal Bliss. As the original poster states, she can't do anything and to be honest she looks kind of scary with the severe lashes. I got her nude so I can't comment on the fashions but as far as his Sindy goes, it's a thumbs down from me. Stick to original!