Obsidian Culture Three Ways: Lots of Extra Fabric?

Integrity released photos of two new dolls Obsidian Culture dolls in the same exact outfits as the Couture Dolls, Inc. exclusive Hanne Erikson.

Here is the "exclusive" Hanne:

Here are her doppelgangers:

According to the announcement:
The new FR:16 collection was received to high praise by everyone and many of you expressed that they would have loved to see "Obsidian Culture" Hanne Erikson with a different hair style/color combo.
Really? Who writes this stuff?
This had to be planned long before people 'expressed' that opinion.
If I were a doll dealer with an exclusive, I'd be pretty pissed if the company put out competition before I sold off my stock.  Of course, I don't know the deal Couture Dolls had with Integrity Toys but IMO, it's not a great one.
When a dealer gets an exclusive, they pay for the entire lot. In this case it was 300 dolls.

Bad business.


  1. good point.

  2. I strongly agree. Bad business.

  3. I have a guess as to what the story is behind these dolls.... the original OC did not sell and so IT had new heads made up for these new versions. Just my theory. They did it with a Tulabelle from last years convention when she didn't sell.

  4. I can't be sure from the photos, but it looks like they used a different color plastic for these...which would also mean a different colored head. This suggests to me that they may have pre ordered a large number of dolls, sans couture, and decided it would be cheaper to re order additional existing outfits than to go through the design, prototype, costing and contracting process.
    Whatever.....I like the outfit. Are these already released sculpts?
    As always love the blog.
    Will C.

    1. As far as the vinyl color...I think it's the same. It's just the photographer who changed. I played with the color balance of the first picture (not posted) and took the yellow cast out of the highlights. The vinyl pinks up a good deal.
      The dolls are up for ordering at the Integrity store.
      One has to admit that the new ones are much prettier than the original.

  5. Very strange, I do wonder what the explanation really is. It would be terrible if OC didn't realize that it was only getting a unique doll, not doll/outfit, I would have a serious problem with that if I were them.

    However, it may be as someone suggested, that the dolls did not sell. Maybe Integrity agreed to a partial refund of the unsold dolls, and is now re-selling the outfits with a new head. I agree the new heads are much more attractive...

  6. Okay, well after re-reading OC's blurb about the doll, it seems to me that they already knew that the outfit would not be exclusive, since they talk only about the "brand new sculpt and character, Hanne Erikson™"

    Poor Hanne, I actually love her hair, but her face I do not love. Do love that suit, although again I'll probably wait until someone is doing a split to get it...